Thursday, July 1, 2010

Release Day

Happy Release Day!
So as you may have found out earlier this week on the 28th that it was my 2 year wedding anniversary, SO this release party is themed around weddings! (the release is a combination of a few different things, one being wedding 2 being the 4th of July holiday and 3 well bringing back a new Sassy Cassie who was my 1st ever best seller and I thought it appropriate to celebrate SSD's anniversary by bringing her back this release as well.

SO to get us started off here is a pic of me and my hubby our wedding day ( I couldn't put the pic of him crying he would be so mad lol ) so I picked a few others

Now you may be wondering why are you showing your wedding pic....well the whole team is showing off their wedding pics!!!
We are having a wedding themed hop today where each of our ladies will be showing off their wedding pictures, also while you are on this hop you will be give clues, We are having a Scavenger hunt again!!! so at each stop you will receive the name of an item that you must find... now you must either find the actual item and take a photo, or you can look through your personal photos and send us pics that include the given item (NO internet images allowed) so these must be your personal images you own or you find the items and take the pics. once you find as many items you can you need to email Sara your images at
You will have until midnight PST tonight (july 1st) to enter in this game, the person who gets the most items will win 3 SSD images of their choice and of course if there are ties prizes will go out to all that tied and the winners will be announced tomorrow!

Now before I announce the 1st scavenger hunt Item and the hop links please be sure to read the 2nd post below which is all about a special challenge we are doing its a 1 day only challenge in honor of the hop and has more prizes to be won

SO now your 1st scavenger hunt item is....


so go snap a pic of your wedding rings or any ring you have and then stop by the other ladies blogs for your next items

(ok for some reason I cant get these next 2 to link so you may have to copy and paste i do apologize for that I am having tons of computer problems tonight)

LISA ( http:/ )


now remember as many items as you can find even if you cant find all its worth a try to enter because the winner will be the one with the most or tied with the most amount since some wont be easy everyday items. and once you are done email your images to SARA at

(I know I haven't gotten their pics and links up yet but I will be getting those up this weekend, and we are going to start introducing you to each of them so we can get to know the new members a little better starting tomorrow so be sure to check back to meet our new team!)


  1. Beautiful wedding pictures Lindsay!!!

  2. Love the new releases! The military ones are my FAV! left out Marines:( My husband is a Marine...please make an image to represent Marines:)

  3. Nice wedding pics! Fun challenge, I hope to play!

  4. Gorgeous pictures Lindsay!

  5. What a beautiful bride you were! And it looks like you had the perfect day! Thanks for sharing your personal memories, and your incredible talent, with us!

  6. Every man should cry on his wedding day - otherwise he's married the wrong girl. Beautiful pics, hoping to play with - kiddies permitting.

  7. Beautiful wedding photos Lindsay!! Great fun with the hunt!!

  8. My hubby cried too Lindsay! :D You are a very beautiful bride! (and your hubby's pretty handsome too!)

    Thanks for some great images to work with! :D LOVE them!!!!!

  9. Beautiful wedding picture! You both look great and so happy, too.

  10. Great pictures!! Off to find my items!!