Monday, October 12, 2009

Who is ready for a new release?!?!?

Hey everyone I know I havent been very present, I was feeling terrible for the past week and it has really put me behind. There is just a nasty bug going around! anyways I am back in action and working my booty off trying to play catch up!!! But thank goodness I got better when I did because we have a new release coming up!!! So I thought I would share a little taste of what you will see, as well as give you a head up on times and details!

This Release will be a tad bit different....but before I explain how let me explain why.
I love being there on teh releases when we chat etc honestly it is the most fun part hearing your thoughts and opinions and even suggestions its how I grow and succeed! and since I work soooooo hard on all these images its just really nice to have a little fun when the release is done and over kinda like a break ya know...well unfortunately I wont be able to chat on thursday night.... My hubby and I have recently started volunteering at my church's youth group. which has been amazing!!! I used to be a youth leader 10 years ago and it is soooo good to be back and helping this time as an adult, and the fact that my hubby is willing and wanting to do it with me even though he is not catholic makes it a million times better! well they are having their 10th anual beach retreat!!! so exciting (yes i was at the 1st! he hee) well back when i did it it was a 1 day but now its a whole weekend they even do mass on the beach I mea it will be great! but Chris and I need to head down thursday after he gets off of work so we can help with setting up all the tents and gear etc before the kids get there on friday...and with 60 kids plus close to 15 adults to supervise...thats a lot of tents to set up! lol
soooooo now that I got that done lets get on tothe details for the release!
October 14th a
5pm PST - 7pm PST
(california time)
We will be opening up the party blog again! so you will need to check in here about 10 mins before 5 pm pst to get the link.
Please Please Please be sure to check time differences and find out what time this will be for you in your time zone wherever you may be.
We will have previews of all the release on the party blog
We will have a freebie, exclusive and only available between 5pm and midnight PST on the 14th so if you want the freebie you must get over to the party blog during that time period!
We will have an opportunity for you to enter to win 2 free ssd images of your choice (this will run through the whole of the 15th and will also be posted on this blog on the 15th to allow those of you that may not be able to stop in the party blog a chance to still win something.
and on the 14th on the party blog we will pre announce this weeks challenge! and we will have a special tutorial featured as well
SO... I hope you can join us on the night of the 14th but if not we will have some things posted here the 15th so check back on thursday afternoon for more info and a link to the party blog
all winners of this weeks challenge and the drawing will be announced on monday the 19th after I return
I know this is a lot of info and it may be confusing with some being the night of the 14th and some the day of the 15th and I do appologize for that but if you have any questions I can answer to make things more clear please always feel free to contact me


  1. Lindsay,
    this is soooo precious! I love-love-love this image!!!! I think it will be perfect for Christmas!
    Have fun and enjoy your retreat!
    It's great that your hubby is wanting and going to help you! :)

  2. Woohoo! So glad you decided to have the chatting on the 14th so you can join in! :O)


  3. How fun to be involved with the youth. My DD will be at a retreat this weekend too. I will keep you all in prayer. What an awesome oppurtunity to have mass on the beach. Looking forward to the new wonderful images.

  4. Awesome Linds!
    Loving the new hot designs for the Holidays!!
    Really makes my day.
    Have fun with the hubby & kiddos :}
    Bring that camera!!

  5. What a great image! Sounds like you'll have such a fun time. I used to teach 1st and 2nd graders in our church and had a great time. I know it's nothing like what you're going to be doing this weekend but they are at a different level of fun! Can't wait for the release party! Hey... who won last weeks challenge with the recipe?? I must have missed that :)