Sunday, October 4, 2009

I just had to stop in and say a BIG thank you to Lelia for that fab tutorial! Thank you for starting us off with our Studio Sundays with such a great Project! I know that I for sure want to try this one out!!!
So this is my proposition to all you sassy ladies out there... will you try it out too? if you try out this tutorial this week and send me pics of your creation and a link to your blog or site if you have one, I want to feature you all on a Sassy Saturday! .... AND.... I will give you a gift from SSD! if you play along this week I will give you any dollar deal image of your choice from the store! ....well what if you already have them all?!?!? well no worries I will be adding some more next release and if you participate but have all the current ones I can give you as surprise one from the next release!
In fact, I love this idea sooooo much, I think we will do this every week! if you play along and create somthing using that weeks tutorial and send us pics to me at you will be featured on the SSD blog, either on a sassy saturday or maybe just any day of the week for a just because kinda post, but you can also have a dollar deal image of your choice! so the studios are posted on sundays that means you have until the following saturday to complete the project and send it in to me. and we will try to remind you each week when we announce the studios, one so you dont forget the due dates but 2 so new followers know as well!
So lets make some Chocolate Bar Sliders!!!


  1. Yeah!!!! What a great idea!
    I am so new to all this (in fact I just set up my blog on Friday) and have never tried challenges before. This is going to be awesome!!!! :)

  2. Alright, Annie!!! Can't wait to see what you'll make! :O)

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