Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome SASSY SISTERS!!! To our October 1st, Holiday Release-PART ONE!!! Part one, you may ask? This release is SO sassy and SO full of images? We had to break it into TWO parts!! YAY!! Alrighty, since this is only PART ONE, we will be having a BLOG HOP/GAME for you! This way we can save all the MORE fun stuff, for PART TWO!!! We have a HUGE party planned!!! So....hope you all will stop back and join us on October 15th for that!!! We can hardly wait!! In the meantime, we will get on with our FUN!!! Our BLOG HOP contains a WORD SCRAMBLE!! Check out the DEETS below!! If you have any questions, let us know!!! We will be here to help you!!! ENJOY!!!


-Make sure to visit ALL of the SASSY 7!!!
-Leave a comment at EACH stop!
-Pick up a letter at EACH stop!!
-When you have all 7 letters, un-scramble and create a word!!
-EMAIL your answers to, BY MIDNIGHT PST!!!


-You may have noticed that we do NOT have any small FREEBIES for you!
-This is because EVERY person, who emails a CORRECT answer? Will WIN!!!
-This means that EVERY winner will receive a FULL IMAGE!!!
-Know what else? This is an image that has NOT been released yet!!!
-Meaning the WINNERS, will be the FIRST to have the chance to PLAY with this NEW image!!!
-Now I know you do NOT see it here and that is because, it is a SURPRISE!!!!

Before you leave? Be sure to pick up your Collector's Blinkie!! Thanks again, for stopping by!! Have fun!!!
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  1. That was a great blog hop! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  2. That was too fun! I love all the new images and the gorgeous cards!

  3. Love your blog hops!!! Thanks for the cute blinkie!!

  4. Great blog hop, your images are adorable!

  5. Great hop! Love the new images :)