Thursday, October 22, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness

Happy Thursday Everyone!
So last week at the release I mentioned to those in attendance that these were some images I really wanted to do for october but time just wasnt on my side. I had been out sick and then I went on a youth retreat with my church youth group as an adult leader for a long weekend. But some of you all supported my Idea and said that it would be just fine to have a little surprise release in between.
So I made sure as soon as I got back that I got these images done and ready for sale. And my Fabulous DT even busted out some samples super fast for me! Aren't they great Ladies!?!?!
So 1st off no these images are not limited to breast cancer alone you can do whatever color ribbons you wish. My personal fav is purple, and that is because it is for all general cancers. I personally am a BIG supporter of the american cancer society and their Relay for life. I have been participating in their 24 hour relay since I was in high school and last year was even my teams captain! My family sadly to say has been touched by cancer in multiple forms, my grandfather and aunt both had skin cancer, my grandfather passed away from pancreatic cancer, and my now 6 year old cousin had been diagnosed with Acute Lymphblastic Leukemia at 18 months old, went through months of treatment a bone marrow transplant and tons of up and downs including a coma where we at one point thought we were going to loose her. she survived and is now in the 1st grade. She is one vivacious lil girl! She now has to have glasses and just got her 1st hearing aids (her vision and hearing had deteriorated from all the radiation treatments) but she is happy and healthy and loved!
Because Cancer effects so many of us in so many ways I love to support the american cancer society because they support and fund research for all forms of cancer. This is why I choose this charity to donate to. So yes some of these may be more for breast cancer because this is breast cancer awareness month but it is not limited to just that.
So I have decided I will donate $1 for every one of these images sold (2 images and 1 sentiment set) and later down the line I hope to add a few more images to this collection that will also help raise money for the american cancer society!
These funds will be saved and donated on an anual basis for the lancaster relay for life here in California and maybe closer to the relay I will also set up for donations and sponsors for our team and I will announce how much money we have earned from the sales of these images etc.
Our 1st image is "I'm a Survivor"
the idea behind this image wasnt the most conventional, it was actually inspired by a saying... "of course they are fake! My real ones tried to kill me" SO yes the cleavage was very much a part of the idea of this image, and yes I know that may not be everyones cup of tea and appreciate that and I do plan in the future to add another version to this collection but for now she is all we have.
our 1st sample is done by Lelia
Next up we have on by Margie
And Val has gotten back into the action with this one...Welcome Back Val!

Next up we have "Support a Cure"
This image is more for everyone you can color the ribbon any way you wish add a name or sentiment to it, do it any way you wish.
This was done by lelia as a thank you to those who supported her in a cancer walk she did recently in memory of a friend who passed last valentines day.

This one was done by Margie
and this pink beauty is by Jacquie she even got to use her fab new pink cricut and cartridge on this one. ( I am so jealous I so want one! lol I'm saving my pennies so I can get one of my own soon he hee )
and our last sample for this image is by Val

So when will these images be available?!?!? head to the store right now because they are there right now!!! as well as a matching sentiment set!!! so support a good cause and share the love!