Sunday, November 1, 2009

tis the season release day

Happy November 1st everyone!!!
Wow isn't amazing how time Flies!!! And the Holiday Season always flied by so quick!

So since Halloween was just last night we decided to hold off until noon for the release, to give all of you as well as me and the team a chance to sleep in or go to church since it is sunday. I admit I missed church this morning but im gonna try to catch a later mass. But thank goodness for Daylight savings time!!! did you enjoy that extra hour?!?!? I know I did!!!

So since it is now noon all of the images ARE in the store right now!!
So this release is one of the smaller we have had and I appologize, believe me it wasnt for lack of ideas I promise you that! But ever since we opened it has been go go go which bellieve me has bee great! but then when season change you get sick life happens and you have all sorts of other things to do I was feeling very overwhelmed and a little burnt out so we took it easy this round!
But next round we will be back in full swing!!

So before I move onto todays plan of events I wanted to make a few announcements
January 1st 2010 there will be no new release.
I want to be able to let my team enjoy their christmas holiday and new years without stressing about projects, as well by then we will be bringing in new team members and I want them to have a smooth transition... and I need to get ahead of the game because when i got sick it really put me behind and I hate being behind and always playing catch up so I want to use this time to enjoy my family and the holiday but also to catch up and get ahead!

so that leads me to my 2nd announcement!!!
This week is the week I will be posting about the new DT call out!!!! so watch out for it this week it's coming up!

so now on to today.... We are going to have a quick lil blog hop!
this blog hop will let you see what the DT has been up to, but it is also the only way for you to get a freebie this what do you need to do?!?!
Go to each of the blogs, and leave a must leave a comment on all of them!!! (including SSD right here)
When you are finished with the hop I want you to email me at and let me know you just finished the hop. But also If you could take a minute to just write out a few comments to me about SSD what you think of SSD, would you change anything? what you would like to see more of in the future? ideas for images or templates or backgrounds etc. would you want to see SSD do some rubber or clear stamps? if so what kind and what images would be your 1st picks for making into stamps? do you want digi scrap kits with appers and embelishments etc? anything you want to comment on and give me feedback on or suggestions...
No you do not have to answer all those questions he hee those are just ideas of things I would love to get feedback or opinions on

SO now what do you get if you do this?!?!
Well this week I am doing a surprise image again.
I cant show it to you but I can tell you it is thanksgiving and holiday is a FULL size is NOT in the store will be in the store this week after this game is over.

now those of you that played last time got the domestic diva image for free how awesome was that!?!?! so this one will be just as great!

SO lets get on to the HOP!
and don't forget you MUST comment on every stop!

then email me!
You must complete the hop and email me before midnight PST on monday Nov 2nd 2009 to get the prize. The prizes will be emailed out on tuesday.

So all that is left is the collectible Blinkie!!!
and for the blinkie just copy the HTML code in the box and apply to your blog
<em><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a></em>

Also if you want a chance to chat with me or the sassy seven and our Guest Designer Sara meet us over at our Paper Craft Planet page between 4 and 6 pm PST tonight!


  1. YIPPEEE!! Ok do I do the blog hop or go to the store first....OK buy then oogle and probably buy some more!! :-)

  2. Love the new designs, Lindsay! Can't wait to get my pencils on that snowman!

  3. Another great hop...thank you so much for all the inspiration!

  4. I've just finished the hop and love the new images!

    thanks for all of the inspiration.


  5. I promised myself 'no more Christmas stamps!' Wait, these are images LOL Thanks for the hop the DT did a fab job yet again!

  6. Very fun hop..everyone did a fantastic job!!!

  7. SSD does it again!! Great release and the DT cards are great!!!! I'm off to the hop:)

  8. Great hop!
    Everyone did a wonderful job with these beautiful new images!
    Thanks Lindsey!!!

    Snagged the new blinkie, yay!
    Blessings, Maria

  9. Everything sounds fantastic! Off to see the fantastic works by the DT.

  10. Loved the hop, everything looked great your DT did a fabulous job!!

  11. love the hop as always fantastic job.

  12. SUPER! SUPER new images! Will be soooooooooo perfect for the holiday season! And such a great job by all DT ladies.

  13. I love the new image, can't wait for them. Great job by all Dt.

  14. Love the new release - getting ready to blog hop!!

  15. Lndsay, I LOVE your images! It's hard to ahve a fovorite whent hey are all so GREAT! The Building A Snowman is so cute! And the Elf, she is a cutie too! I HAVE to get those two for sure!!

    Thanks for all your great images!

  16. Thanks for the fun hop!! The Elf is my personal fav! :)

  17. Hi Lindsay, have loved seeing all the ladies' creations - your designs are gorgeous and their work is fabulous


  18. Thanks for a great Hop! Loved getting to see everyone's work!

  19. An awesome Hop!....the DT did a great job...your images are always so fun with a touch of flirt here or there. Keep up the good work!!

  20. great blog hop I loved all the new blogs I got to see. great images also thanks so much

  21. This was my first blog hop here and I loved it! You have fabulous, sassy designs and I am making my wish list right now!

    Happy crafting!