Saturday, November 28, 2009

Studio Sunday Cont.

Oh my goodness aren't Piali's tutorials always awesome!!! She also did a fabulous Shaker ornament last week on her blog as well...
I loved her shaker ornament so much I asked her to do an ornament tutorial and I said I would do some ornament samples too.... but I think mine are way simple and plain compared to Piali's awesome ornaments , but none the less they will be adorning my tree this year because they are cute.
Mine I used the ornament template.
I printed the card base on the back of a sheet of glitter CS
across the top of the fold I created a slit to slide my ribbon through.
I taped both raw ends of the ribbon to the inside of the card and then glued both sides together creating one solid double sided ornament and then decorated them.

And I dont know if you remember these 2 creations or not these were done a little while back. This first one was by Sara, and she used the ornament template as well and she just punched her ribbon through the top.

and this one was by cassie, though hers wasnt designed as an ornament it was done beautifully and can easily be made into an ornament.

So thank you sooooo much Piali for the wonderful tutorial your creations are always so amazing!

and though mine are simple I hope they inspire you all to adorn your trees and give gifts of home made ornaments! and I hope you do! so as always if you participate and create some ornaments of your own inspired by this weeks tutorial you can earn a free dollar image of your choice or a surprise new never released one! so please play along and send a pic of your ornaments to



  1. awwww, these are all so super cute! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Seriously loving ALL of these!!! Great ideas!!!