Friday, November 13, 2009


Won't you join us??
Hey there SASSY SISTAHS!!! Good morning to you all!!! Stopping by to clue you in on the upcoming festivities!! We have FUN and GAMES planned for all!! The FUN will be starting on Sunday 11/15 at 12:01am PST, at our store, where you will be able to grab ALL the new releases!! Then it is back here for the GAME!!! We will have a "Who's That Sassy" game for you! Sound interesting? Just wait!!! You know we will have a prize for you!! We are going to have a BLAST!!! Ok.....after the festivities begin, a little later....ok......much later, we will be having a CHAT fest!! It will be over at our PCP group!! We will be hanging out from 10am PST to 12 pm PST!!! AND?.....Guess what? If you attend? Lindsay will have a SASSY, FREEBIE for you!!! Isn't that AWESOME?!! OK, hope to see you there!! In the meantime? Be sure to check out ALL the FABULOUS sneaks, brought to you by your SASSY 7!!! Thanks for visiting today and have a SUPER day!!


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  1. OMG! This is soooooo exciting!!!! I was suposed to go for lunch with the in-laws, but now I am sooooooo staying home and participating!!! This is AWESOME!! :)