Saturday, November 21, 2009

Studio Sunday #8

So as I explained earlier this week....I blew it! lol I completely forgot to do my post for studio sunday last today is double the fun!
Piali's tutorial is awesome! what a great gift idea especially for coworkers in your office or even you childs teacher(s).
My tutorial is a spin off the last one I did. Last time I showed some ideas how to throw together a few last minute touches around your house to decorate for halloween...well this time we have Thanksgiving this week! I am sooooo excited! I have to be super good on my weight watchers points all week because I know I am gonna be digging into my weekly allowance on thursday!!! he hee
But as I explained before I really like personalizing things and giving them a little something special especially when I have friends or family over.
So last time I showed you how easy it was to do invitations from the poisoned apple template, and place cards by shrinking the pumpkin template.... well we also did a wonderful turkey card template, which I shrunk down and turned into place cards as well. I am going to alternate them on the table with the pumpkins. All I did was color them and assemble them the same way as before.
Also we will have a few children at Thanksgiving and I dont know how your kids are, but my Cousins like to munch before hand always asking when's it gonna be ready... SO I used the small pillow boxed and the pumpkin card templates and made cute little favor boxes with their names on it . and filled it with reeses pieces but you can use any candy you like of course!

Next up I did 2 different napkin rings. the 1st i just folded the napkin into a rectangle and made a slider style napkin ring. I used chocolate brown card stock fo rthe base and layers different fall ribbons, and embelished the top with a scallop circle of green and a cute thanksgiving sentiment. (this was a dollar stamp set I had)
This was a great way to do it because the silverware slides right in and it makes for an easy table setting instead of trying to remember where the forks go and the knife and the spoon etc
Next up I did a ring shape with my paper and ribbons and created a simple slide in napkin ring (no fancy folding needed!)

i started with chocolate brown card stock and added a green scalloped trim at the botton and covered the seam with orange ribbon, I used a scalloped circle punch and a plain circle punch and the same dollar stamp set for the sentiment. I just cut to 6" long and used a heavy duty adhesive at the back to attach the end and then just slid the napkin right in
I know I didnt use SSD images, but I did use templates and a lot of times when you are doing these things last minutes you want to just cut and piece and not have to color a ton of images.

So as always if you decide to take our tutorials and put them into practice this week you can get a free dollar deal image from SSD.... now I have been asked does it have to have an SSD image in it..... well yes and no....I would really love it if you do use an SSD image however say for napkin rings I didn't use anything SSD, and if you dont either it's fine I am just more than happy that you are willing to try some of these great tutorials we are doing and I want you to show off what you did and where you got the idea at and that is more important that nit picking if you dont use an SSD image...soooo I cant wait to see if any of you do up your thanksgiving day table or home with any projects inspired by us, and hope you will share pictures with us if you do!

So have a Sassy Sunday all!

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  1. Great idea Lindsay!! Thanks for the tutorial and ALL you do to spark my creativity!! Blessings and Hugs!