Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Friday!

Oh I love Fridays! Especially Fridays when Hubby is having a guys night lol and I get to stay home making images lol

anyways I have lots of news and updates!

so 1st off... We had a color challenge this week
And The winner is......
with this super sassy shopping stacey card!
So yay Tammy! 2 weeks in a row!!! congrats!
email me at with your image choices and I'll get those to you right away!
so next up.... DT call out...oh yes it is happening, and it will be posted this evening! with 2 freebies! sorry it took so long I get distracted easy with work lol but I wanted to be sure to have it typed out and be happy with it make sure the terms were understandible and not confusing etc...which is always possible because of how I type...I type like I talk lol... but I think I got it all worked out! and I have been working on 2 freebies for you all to have one for the call out....but one as a peace offering for all my delays! I really hate being late on things and not keeping my word I really Really do, andwhen I was sick a lil while back I fell waaaaay behind and I finally started to pull back through and get a lil more caught up yay!!!! which is also a reason I decided jan 1st will not have a release, so I can finally get ahead! and we can work in the new DT etc....and cuz its a holiday so you should be having fun with family and friends or shopping...which is what I will probably be doing he heee he lol so anyway, I am working very hard to get caught up...and then ahead! but its been a little crazy around here with so many things going on. I had craft fairs and boutiques to do and job interviews and applications to do (because I love SSD and will never close it but I do need a regular job too one that will pay the bills ya know) so its just been a lot happening...So my point is I am sorry I really am! and I promise I am trying to get things situated and back to normal!
and I know I promised more images to be added to the store from the last release but i have to go buy a new printer today to test them before I can post them.... for the past 2 weeks my printer has been going crazy! and this week I tried diagnosing it and reloading drivers and getting help from HP to get it fixed...then my mom gave me a spare one of hers but she couldnt find the power looked the same as mine so I thought id try it....nope it is just a lil different but enough to not fit so now i just have to go buy a new one...but i saw on costco's website tehy have one for an amazing price! so my mom is gonna take me today to go get it so once i can do tests finally and make sure I dont need any last min tweaking or fixes I will get them posted today!
and last lil notice.... last sunday we did not have a studio sunday...that was my fault! I was supposed to do the tutorial and I forgot! we had the release that day and I had a boutique and I just completely forgot it was my job to post the tutorial, so this sunday we will have 2 seperate tutorials!!! one by me, and one by Piali.
So I am going to get back to work and get a few more things done before my mom calls and says she ready to go to costco so I hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Lindsay, you have SO much going on! And as for the "real" job that pays bills - I totally hear ya! :)
    Please don't apologize. We, the true fans of your work, will always be here!!!!! :)

  2. oops, almost forgot, Congrats to Tammy!!!

  3. Lindsay!! I totally agree with Annie!! Don't ever apologize for life keeping you busy! I am right there with you!! I am just so grateful that you spend the time and energy to create the images which are so unique and fun to use in my creative projects!! If there is ever anything I can do to help just let me know!! Big Hugs and lots of blessings!!!

  4. We all love your work so much Lindsay we can't help but be anxious for it, but we do understand the "life" stuff! We all have it! You are so very talented and I am very glad that I found your site and your boutique! I love what you do, but you need family time too! Thanks for all of your designs and for sharing them with us!
    :) Christine

  5. Yep, I agree!!!! What THEY said above! We all adore what you do, so we'll all be here when you are!