Saturday, November 21, 2009

2nd ever sale!!! (well sort of)

This is our second ever SALE of sorts...instead of doing an assigned Ultimate set this round I decided to let you design your own!
When you purchase 10 image you will get 2 free images and going up from there
Purchase Free
7 1
10 2
15 3
20 4
25 5
etc etc etc

and yes 7 images is the minimum to start earning free images since most my Ultimate sets have 10 images or more in them and I do them at a 20% when you make a purcahse of 7 or more images I will email you asking what free images you would like and get those to you directly, or you can email me at the time of your purchase and let me know what images you would like and i will send them to you directly

Since I did say I was going to have an ultimate set on monday and didnt get it set up, if you purchased more than 7 images since monday you will get an email from me soon and you will get free images as well.This special will only last until the end of the month 11/30/01 at midnight PST

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  1. WOW, how SUPER awesome!!!!!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank YOU!!!!