Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Release Day

Happy Sunday!
Ok We had some difficulties with the store this AM and I appologize the posts just didnt post... so I redid them and we are good to go!!! yay!!!
SO I wasnt going to post the pics of the images here this time but I realized I forgot to post the blinkie soooo since I have to come by and post the blinkie code I thought I'd go ahead and do the introductions to the new images as well
SO.... 1st up we have 2 fab new backgrounds.
Under the Christmas Tree
and Home for the Holidays I have really liked doing these backgrounds I really think they help set the stage with some of the characters, or can even be fabulous on their own!
and we had to have a Sassy Snow Bunny!
Baby it's cold outside with her cocoa or latte trying to keep warm Skiing Stacey hitting the slopes!
and Mommy kissing santa claus!!! my fav ever! lol

And due to an overwhelming demand in your feedback on the 1st.... I did our 1st ever Male Sassy ...ok well we wont call him a sassy for long I'm working on a more masculine tittle to give our guys but until then... here he is!!!
this image is called... A gift for you
now no that is not it...but i am reserving a few surprises for tomorrow, because well I am using them as gifts and prizes for todays release sooooo.....make sure you check back!

now before I forget again lets get that blinkie code

so dont forget to copy the code in the box and add to your HTML
<em><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a></em>

ok and.... one last tid bit... I did forget to post the DT call out and I am very sorry I am working on getting it all typed out right now and it will be posted later today I promise! ....and....if I dont.... I will post a brand new bonus freebie here on the blog ! (what do i mean by bonus.... hmmm could that mean there will be one with the call out anyways?!?!?! hmmmmm)

lol ok I know I am not subtle lol


  1. will look out for the DT call - who wouldn't want to apply to work with these gorgeous images
    thanks for the blinkie - its proudly up on my blog already

  2. You crack me up Lindsay! Wonderful release and I love the blinkie... it's blinking merrily away on my blog! :)

  3. oh my!!! All these new images are soooooooooooooooooooooooo sassy and awesome!!! And thanks for the blinkie - it's up on my blog as well :)

  4. Gosh you do such great work! I love your images!

    :) Christine

  5. If I had a Blog I'd grab your Blinkie! :}
    funny.. you post like I speak.. a little here & a little thee... let's drink to adult mini versions of ADD :}
    Love your new releases!