Monday, August 3, 2009

Release Day Recap

This weekend was quite busy and so much fun! We had our Once upon a time Masquerade Ball release event on Saturday Aug 1st from 10am-4pm PST USA
We had such a great time! and I appologize to those who tried to view it after the event closed and found it locked up. This was done because 1 the free images were only available during the time of the release as a gift to those who attended. But 2 because we needed to start planning and setting up for the next release party. However I recieved a number of emails wanting to see it what they missed etc So I decided we could wait a few days before we start changing things around so I reopened the party blog so you can see all that we did! the free images have been removed so I appologize for that as well as the limited edition blinkie that was there for those who attanded. I will try to leave it up as long as I can but I can only guarantee it will be open until wednesday so if you want to see what we did this weekend check out the SSD Party Blog
So this release was soooooo much fun!!! Not just because of the Ball, but because of all of the wonderful images we had!
Last release I tried something a little new and different than anything I had done before. I did a background image. I think I really like the idea of the background images they make it nice to do a single layered card or to make it look complete when you might not have that perfect paper. So this round I decided to do 2 more if the backgrounds seem to have some interest I will probably try to offer some with each release to help set the themes.
This one I did a Grand Ballroom for $3.00

And an Under the Sea Scene for $3.00

Another brand new thing I decided to do this time that I had never done before was Digital Sentiments. I don't know about you but I love sentiment stamps! Because they save me teh time of having to think up a sentiment on my own and writing it by hand when I have the worste handwriting ever! or typing it out and spending forever trying to find teh right font etc. So I decided this might be something nice to have almost 3 full sheets of sentiments that go with our once upon a time line of images. I worked very hard to find the perfect fonts and the perfect sentiments and give a large variety. This was you just go oh I want that one, you crop it and print it at the size you want it. easy as that. They are all spaced well enough that they should easily be cropped around so you don't have to print all just the one you want.
I have only seen one other company that does digital sentiments for $1 each! you can see here so I think our package is an awesome deal at $3.00 for all 3 sheets!
let me know what you think about sentiment sheets because we are trying to decide if we want to do them again in the future or not

Next we have our character images!!! Which of course are the favorites !
1st up we have Princess Penelope. She can be used for Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or any other princess you can think of or even just a Renaissance or Medieval style creation.
She is $3.00
Next up we though with the love everyone has had for The Pirates of teh Carribean we had to have a pirate Princess too! So here we have our Precious Pirate for $4.00
I know this is a change in price and I only did it to 2 of the images. The 2 images I had to raise the price on is because of the time and work that went in to them because of all of the details we added. I always want to try and keep the image prices low and fair so they are afordable to all who want them so the $1 price increase wasnt taken lightly and is not a permanent thing it will only apply to an occasional image that may have a lot of detail and required a lot of time to do. I hope you can understand, but I am trying to be honest with you but also let you know that no prices will not be increasing in general
The next $4.00 image is True Loves Kiss but isn't it beautiful!!! I am absolutely in love with this image! and I am so happy that I was able to do 2 images including a male character. (If I hadn't said so before, men and kids are not my strong points but I am trying very hard to improve and grow as I go)
Next we have a Princess of the Orient for $3.00 inspired by Disney's Mulan she has some spirit in those eyes!
Next I have a Princess of the Sea. She is a Sassy little mermaid with a modern fashion twist. for $3.00

My second image including a male character is this one My knight in shining armor! This image is still only $3.00

I always enjoyed the story of the frog prince and I am super excited that disney finally decided to create a film about it! I can;t wait to see it and I only hope it's as good as all my other Disney Favs! But I thought we deffinately needed a Princess and a frog also for $3.00
So what would a fairytale collection be without a fairy or pixie! So here we have our Sassy Pretty Pixie for $3.00 She is inspired by tinkerbell but with a more modern teen twist!
This time I also wanted to do a few accessory images (these were what was offered free at our release party!) These accessory images may just help you polish off those creations when used with the other images of they can stand alone and be used by themselves the accessory images are going to part of our new $1 bin! So first up we have our Under the Sea Accessories
Here we have our Pirate Accessories (the chest could also be used under the sea as maybe a lost treasure) this set is also only $1
and of course I had to have a frog prince! also only $1
And what would a fairytale collection be without a pumpkin and glass slipper! also a $1 set
Since this is such a wonderful and large collection I decided to offer an ultimate collection at a little bit of a discount for those of you who want them ALL! the collection is a $40 value and is priced at $32.00 that is a savings of 20%!!


  1. These images are beautiful, I got some of the freebies but just didn't get time to play, but I will be using them. Congratulations and best wishes with these new images.

  2. This is a beautiful set, love the Pirate take...would look great with some pink pirate pp.

    Silly Boys swords are for girls! is one of my favorite pirate sayings.