Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday...

To ME!!!
Yep it is my birthday!!!
Wanna know how old I am?!?!
Shhhhh weren't you ever told it not polite to ask a lady her age...or is that just her weight lol
...well today I am 25!!! a whole quarter of a century old!
Sooooo what does that mean to you?!?!
Well it means you better check my blog throughout today because I might have a few surprises up my sleeves...the 1st one being now!!! lol
In honor of my 25th, I want to give away 25 prizes!!! so this is what we will do, you have all day today...just today to send in an email to sassystudiodesigns@yahoo.com wishing me a happy birthday they will be kept in order recieved... and tomorrow I will draw 25 random #'s from random.org and if your email came in in that spot you will win a free image!!! shhhh cant tell you what that is as it is a surprise and you can't ruin a surprise can you!?!?
so yay!!! what a way to start the day!!! spread the word share the love but most of all be sure to check back later today as I may just have more surprises later!


  1. Happy Birthday! :) Wow 25! You are still young! lol I will be 32 on Thursday and my daughter will be 4 tomorrow! I wish I could say I am still in my 20's. :) I hope you have an awesome 25th birthday.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Have a wonderful Birthday!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday,
    I hope you have a wonderful day,
    I cant remember being only 25,

  4. Happy Birthday, have a good one
    Anne x

  5. Happy Birthday...o 2 b 25!!


  6. Happy Happy Birthday Lindsay! Have a fabulous, sassy day!

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday Lindsay!! May it be filled with love, laughter and lasting memories! >:0)

  8. Happy Birthday to the Belle of the Ball!

  9. Happy Birthday :) Hope you have a lovely day xx

  10. Hope you have a fantastic day!! Happy Birthday

  11. Happy Birthday to YOU! Hope your day is filled with fun, joy, and love. Oh and all the presents you imaged.

  12. Happy Birthday Lindsay. Hope you have a wonderful day full of fun and presents.

  13. Happy Birthday hope you have a great day, its a very long time since I was 25 lol
    best wishes
    Anne-marie x

  14. Happy Birthday to you!! Hope it's a GREAT one! (Yikes, 25, hey?! I'll be 24 in a month, and I'm freakin' out! CONGRATS!)

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I sent you an email last night, and forgot to post here LOL