Saturday, August 1, 2009

Guest Designer #2

Hello all my Sassy Friends out there!!! I want to appologize for not posting this sooner but we were waiting on more samples!
I introduced to you the other day the guest designers for August. One of which is Ellen and well before our big release event, Our Masquerade Ball begins I wanted to spend a little time showing off Ellens creations.

One this is for certain, I think Ellen is one of our biggest Fans!!! She has been following me over at MSB and was soooo excited when I branched out on my own! she emails me with such excitement and enthusiasm about every release, and I love her for that.
She is a total boost of my confidence in my work and a total inspiration! It is ladies like ellen that make me just want to draw more and more and give you as many images as my mind can create! So when it came to picking our 1st ever round of guest designers she was #1 on my list!
So now on to the good stuff!!!
You might have noticed I wrote Tink next to her name, well apparently that has been her nick name for quite some time so I knew this image would be right up her alley and boy was it!
What would a Pixie/Fairy be without a little bot of Pixie dust!?!?! well there is no shortage of sparkle and glitz in this card! She also used an amazing overlay frame out her work, which really brings attention to our Pretty Pixie
Another Pretty Pixie this one screams to me spring and summer and when you think of fairies you always think flowers in the springtime. And the sentiment framed by the wings (not on of mine so if you wan;t it you'll have to ask her where she got it) works perfectly with the Pixie image. And just top it off with flowers and bling!
Next up Ellen used our Princess of the Orient image and I love that she thinks outside of the box! She used blonde hair which works very well with the blue and brown of the kimono and card keeping it bright and not too dark. And what a sweet sentiment to pair with this image, and once again Flowers and Bling! (you know we all love flowers and bling! he hee)

Now I know we have all kissed a few frogs in our lifetime lol before we found our Prince's however sometims kissing a frog or two can be quite fun lol and Ellen makes me laugh so hard when she comes up with these whitty and fun sentiments!

Once again she makes me laugh lol these sentiments are so fun! I love having that little bit of humor in my own creations so I deffinately appreciate her knack for doing the same! Here she used our Precous Pirate image and I love that she used different colors! not just standard black white and red (dont get me wrong there is no problem with those colors but it is always nice to mix things up a bitAnd last but deffiantely not least She used our True love's kiss to create this card for a wediing saying congratulations! she really makes that DCWV background paper pop with the color in the flower and the dress
Well I am sorry I fell so behind on showing you pics I was jsut so excited about all that we have been doing getting the Ball ready to go! but I promise today will be FULL of more images and if you join us at the Ball we will have gifts and games and prizes!!! so We hope you will join us!

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