Monday, August 31, 2009

Who's ready for a new Release?!?!

Yep it's that time again! Back to School. I always loved Back to school getting new school supplies and Back to School Clothes. My 1st year of college I even went out and bought myself crayones and markers and colored pencils lol and well had nothing to use them on lol so I had to go out and buy myself a coloring book just so I could use them lol. So yay for Back to School!!! So we are adding to our Teen Scene!

1st here we have Backpack Brandy by Deb

Backpack Brandy by Lelia

Backpack Brandy by Lelia
Homework Holly by Jacquie

Homework Holly by Cassie

Homework Holly Back to school survival kit by Lelia
Next we have Rah Rah Rhonda! by lelia

Next we have Techie Tanya with her laptop and cell phone by Margie

Techie Tanya by Piali
Techie Tanya by Valerie
and we have 2 Magazine Margie's by Piali a card and a bookmark!

ANd Brittany our bubble gum girl is making a reappearance in her back to school fashions, here is Back to School Brittany by lelia

Studying Stacey comfy on her couch by Valerie

And lastly for our Teen Scene we have School Day Dayna! by Valerie
Now with all this back to school fun I thought it just didn;t feel complete without a sassy teacher!?!? right? sooo may I introduce to you Mrs. S ! (s is for sassy of course!) Mrs. S will be joining the I'm every Woman Category

by Cassie
Tomorrow is release day so be sure to check back in for all the fun we have in store!


  1. They look great Lindsay!! Can't wait till tomorrow!!!!
    Great cards DT!!


  2. Wow! These are amazing! Looking forward to tomorrow.