Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scent your Cards!

So the store is now open!!! not only do we have 11 fab new images in the store! We have 13 Exclusive Limited Edition Card Scents!!!

What are Card Scents?!?!
Card scents are little roll on bottles think of like a perfum for your cards...but it doesnt smell like clinique happy or something like that is smells like the yummiest most fun scents that are perfect for cards!

Now dont think I go in my kitchen and mix these things up because I don't lol. I have the pleasure of working with a lovely lady named Amy. She is a CoOwner on Moren Sugar Blvd, and the owner of Card Scents! I work with her on the digi stamp line of mine they offer over there. So when I decided to do these Sweet Treats girls for Sassy Studios here I knew I had to hit her up about the Card scents!

So with Amy's assistance we came up with a special scent just for each of my images! (some have 2 not just one lol) So these are special Limited Edition to us here at SSD and we will see how they go, but if the do ok I might expand for halloween, thanksgiving, winter and christmas scents too this fall so I will keep you updated on that.

How do you use Card Scents?!?!?
Since it is a fab roller bottle it is soooo easy! All you do it roll it on the fold of your card, under an embellishment or layer of paper, below ribbons or flowers, get creative on how you apply card scents to your hand crafted card creation...
You can also mix them up to make your own unique Card Scents blend!!!
For example.. Maybe you want orange - vanilla.. Roll on vanilla.. Let it dry for a few.. Then roll on Orange... Now you have a custom made creamsicle scent!

How much do I get?!?!?
These Card Scents are offered in the 1/8 oz. size...

How much do I need to use?!?!?
With these a little goes a LONG way! Here's a good rule of thumb. Roll it once. Let it dry for a few seconds. Then roll it again if you would like. The whole trick is if you see it. You have added too much at once. (which is why its good to use it under embelishments ribbons or layers jsut in case)

How Strong Is Card Scents?!?!
You can control how strong or how light your creation will smell by how much you roll on.. To keep your card smelling scentfully seal your creation in a clear envelope..

How long will the smell last?!?!
It depends on how much you put on your project, it depends on the environment you keep your project in it depends on your climate even. My personal experience they can last a good few weeks out in the open air in the california heat because I have scented my business cards with it before. And it has also lasted months on cards I have scented and I sealed in a celophane envelope which keeps the scent longer. So if you want to prolong the life of the scent it is always best to have in a celophane envelope (I do plan to offer these for sale in the near future )

Some More Stuff:
Card Scents are acid free so it is also safe for scrapboking.
All Card Scents are designed for paper, but are body friendly & safe.
We recommend applying Card Scents to a thicker white stock as the thicker the card stock the better it will absorb.
However you can also apply Card Scents to patterned paper and colored paper. Make sure you just do a little test first as all manufactures use different blends of ink.
Try it for yourself. You'll love Card Scents as much as we do... Now your Creations can smella as sassy and wonderful as the look!

So what Scents do we have?!?!?

Sweet Candy Apples Card Scent - The smell of fresh green sour apples an ooey gooey warm caramel

Sweet Bubblegum Card Scent - The sticky sweet smell of yummy pink bubblegum

Sweet Cupcake Card Scent - The sweet smell of vanilla cupcakes with whipped frosting and sprinkles on top!

Sweet as Cherry Pie Card Scent - The smell of fresh baked sweet Cherry pie

Sweet Cinnabuns Card Scent - The smell of Oooey Gooey Stickey sweet cinnamon rolls with gobs of frosting!

Sweet Strawberry Ice Cream Card Scent - The smell of creamy strawberry Ice Cream

Sweet Vanilla Ice Cream Card scent - The smell of Sweet creamy vanilla Ice Cream

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Card Scent - The scent of you favorite summer refreshment

Sweet Freckled Lemonade - The yummy mixture of fresh squeezed lemonade and fresh sweet strawberries

Sweet Cotton Candy Card Scent -The yummy fluffy sweetness you find at the county fair mmmm yumm!

Sweet Soda Pop Card Scent - The scent of sweet fizzy cola sorry no Diet here ladies but at least we're just smelling it he hee

Movie Night Card Scent - The smell of freshly popped buttery salty popcorn!

Sweet Cherry Lolipop Card Scent - The smell of sweet cherry lolipops!

Why do they all say sweet before them?!?!
Because they are names after our Sweet Treat Girls thats why he hee

I hope all of this information was helpful! If you would like any further information about teh Card Scents feel free to email me, or you can check out Amy's site

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