Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Prize Winners!

So I am up late! lol I was working ona bunch of stuff and next I knew it was 2 and hubby gets up at 3 am so I thought I would just stay up to be sure he gets up and so I thought hey its after midnight, I can do the prize he hee yay!!!

Wow I was so surprised how many people joined in today I didnt even know that many people viewed our blog here lol

So our 25 random intergers are ... hmmm I did random #'s and it had repeats there were like 4 7's and 3 16's etc so that wasnt what I wanted so I tried the sequence generator and I am coloring the 1st 25 with teal, and those will be our winners so there would be 25 different winners and no repeats lol ugh so sill that it did that

Here is your sequence:
35 43 11 18 9
28 34 36 41 32
39 5 2 7 8
40 3 20 22 42
6 23 10 25 14

12 30 21 1 16
4 38 13 24 29
33 26 17 15 19
27 31 37
Timestamp: 2009-08-12 09:40:03 UTC

35 - annmariewheeler
43 - Danielle Smith
11 -Flores Hayes
18 -Gotham Gal
9 - Spyder
28 -Katie Oakley
36 -Stephanie Hester
41 -Cassandra Larson
32 -Terri
5 -Patricia O'Hagan
2 -liz blair
7 -Sue Mcmanus
8 - Jan Jackman
40 -Carol Erlam
20 -Debby Boltman
22 -Sara Moreno
42 - Amber Goble
6 -Anne Cullen
23 -Anita Autore
10 -Tina Colton
14 -

So yay! congrats everyone! I will send out your prize in the morning because that will take me a bit of time to orchestrate lol but for now off to bed! I am dead tired so Goodnight everyone and thank you for sharing in my day with me


  1. congratulations to all the winners,
    hope you have had a wonderful day Lindsay,
    sleep well,

  2. I've just seen my name in your list of winners - yippee, thanks so much & hope you had a wonderful day.

    Jan xx

  3. I spy with my little eye Me! Thanks so much, hope you have had a day to remember. Hugs

  4. Oh Wow!! Lindsay, just spotted my Name on your winning list, Yipee!!! thank you so much, hope you have a nice restful sleep and wake refreshed.
    Suzi xx

  5. Wow Lindsay I spotted my name on the winners list woo hoo thank you, I hope you had a great day and your rested after your late night
    Anne-marie xx

  6. Wish my name would have been on the list but Thanks for let us play on your Birthday hope it was a great one!!!!

  7. Hope you had a great day Lindsey!!!
    Thanks so much!
    Blessings, Maria

  8. Congrats to every winner! Enjoy your prize...I'm sure it will be a great one!!!

  9. Thanks so much...I'm so excited!!! I hope your day was a special one :) *hugs*

  10. Ive just noticed my name too wow thanks for that This has been a lucky week for me three wins in a row! Thank you Lindsey hope you had a fab time
    Liz x

  11. How cool is this! Woo hoo, I'm so excited to see what it is!