Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy SASSY SATURDAY ladies!! How are you? Did any of you go Trick-or-Treating?? OK then......did any of you get dressed up for the occasion? Well, either way? Hope you all had a SCARIN' good time!! Thanks for joining me today!! Today I have chosen TWO Sassy Sisters to share with you all! This first one is by LISA; she used Princess Penelope, for her BEAUTY-EOUS creation!! You can visit Lisa, HERE!!! You DEFINITELY need to go and see her!! The second one I have for you is created by CHRIS! She made this SPOOKTACULAR creation with Bewitched! Aren't these AWESOME? I do NOT have a place for you to go and visit CHRIS, so maybe she will let us know and I will share it with you! Until then, it would be GREAT if you left her and LISA some LOVE here!! Hope you enjoyed these SASSY finds!!

OK, sisters, now it is your turn!! Your turn to SHARE your talent!! I am looking forward to checking out ALL your creations!! So..........get your creations, using SASSY STUDIOS images, and upload them to PCP and SCS. What are they? Paper Craft Planet and Spitcoaststampers!!! Did you know, we NOW have our own album, over at Splitcoast??!! When you upload your creations? You will want to label them sassystudio, so we can find them!! So? Remember, Not ONLY will you be featured here? BUT? You will also be able to grab that SASSY SATURDAY badge I was talking about, for you to display on YOUR blog!! How SWEET is that? Now, if you are NOT able to upload your pic? Don't worry!! Just submit your creations to me, at Get your SASSY groove on and get creating!!! It was SO awesome to visit with you today!! I hope you all have a FABULOUS week!! Make sure to stop back tomorrow for, STUDIO SUNDAYS!!! SASSY stuff to be had, for sure!!! Along with Studio Sunday, there will be NEW RELEASES!!! WOOHOO!!! See you NEXT Saturday for some MORE sassiness!! Take care all!!


***BEWITCHED~ by Chris!
** THE RELEASES WILL BE HERE AT 12 Noon PST!! See you then!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hey there Sassy Sisters! How are you?? Hope you all are well!! Ready to play? Do you DARE? Can you believe it is Thursday already? WOW!! How time flies!! This week's challenge is a FUN one!! Lindsay chose a SASSY Halloween creation for everyone to CASE!!!! last Halloween creation!! You cannot go wrong with that!!! This Halloween one was created by LARISA! Lindsay LOVED this one so much, she thought it would be PERFECT to CASE!!!! it is!!

*By~ Larissa*

***Here is what this week's SASSY 7 Challenge Team came up with!




*THIS WEEK'S DEETS* it is your turn!! You will have until next Wednesday 11/4, at midnight PST, to get your entry in! Make sure to use a SASSY STUDIO image and link your creation HERE, in the comments section of this post!! A winner will be announced on Friday 11/6!! The winner will receive their choice of 2 SSD images!! WOOHOO!! Now there is something you can't go wrog with!! Best of luck to you ALL!!! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!! Thanks for playing along and thanks for stopping by!!! Have a FABULOUS week!!!

PS. Tune in tomorrow for last week's winner!! Wonder who that will be!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! So I just wanted to stop in and say that we are one of the sponsors over at the twilight tuesday inpiration challenge anniversary blog hop today!!! they are turning 1 and celebrating with a HUGE twilight inspired event!!!
Not only did we donatesome fun prizes so did many other fab companies! So please join in they have lots of candy stops in thei hop and they also have a scavenger hunt happening for even more prize options!
So click here and head on over!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Studio Sunday #4

Hello All!!! You will never guess who is hosting this weeks Studio Sunday?!?!?
(ok who the heck is me when you have 5 different people posting on this blog??? lol It's the one the only the owner Lindsay! he hee)
So this week Really isant about learning something new exactly, but rather trying to give some ideas! So I love to decorate my house!!! Halloween and Christmas are my biggest of course but I am one of those people that hase decor for each season and holiday.... However I dont have lot and well the budget can be tight these days so I dont always have the most money to play with and just go but tons of decor...if I did my hubby just might divorce me lol and well I love him too much to let that happen ;) So I am big on making things as many of you crafters out there are as well I am sure.
So let me give you a brief overview of what I am going to show you today...
I know it seems like a lot but it's not as much as it seems but here are a few more close ups of the group of projects... So first off...I am terrible and procrastinating! I know it and I admit it sadly to say. But even though I may plan thing slast min I still want things to be perfect and organized...So every Halloween Party needs invitations right?!?!
I printed the SSD Apple template onto Black CS yes it was hard to see the lines but I could see them enough to cut them out. I printed the apple piece on red CS and the poison and the leafe and stem on the green CS. I carefully cut out all my pieces..

I layered my pieces and glued them together. I dont happen to like the eyes and nose to be red so I colored them in black with sharpie. And I LOVE shimmer and sparkle....and well with large surface areas to do glitter chances are it would have curled and wrinkled so I used Shimmer it Paints, I used a lime for teh poison and a christmas green for the leaf to make it stand out, and red on the red of the apple. you can then use write pen or a colored paint marker to write your event details inside or you can print the red of the apple on white and print the event details on that and glue on the inside... here is what my finished poisoned apple cards look like

Next up I like to do litte personal touches for my guests things that make them feel a little special. So I decided to do Place Cards...
I used the SSD Pumpkin Template. Rather than printing full size to do A-2 size cards, I scaled it down to 5x7" and Printed 1 sets on a page of orange and also scaled down the stems the same amount and only printed one step (I decided I wasnt going to do the stems on both sides but you could if you want)

I carefully cut them out and glued the stems on. I used some Alpha stickers to add the guests names to them.
I then cut a 1" x 2" strip of CS
I scored it on teh 2" length at the 1/2" and the 1 1/2" marks
added adhesive to both flaps
and centered and adheared to the inside of the mini pumpkin cards
This gives you a look at how they sit in the cards
And now the stand up perfectly! and wont fall over. These will also be great for thanksgiving!!!
Ok next up I wanted to Sassify by Halloween Door Hanger Wreath thing I got, So I actually COlored this witch in Photoshop and Just printed her out and Cut her out and attached her to the Wreath It could not possibly get easier than this .... however If you do not have a wreath and want to make one you can cut out Bats on Black CS (the SSD Halloween Acessories has a very simple Bat shape) and you just layer them in a circular pattern then you can set the witch in the middle or on the bottom or decorate any which way you want! so just some ideas...
So Now Halloween would not be Halloween without Candy Corn!!! Piali Did some tutorials a few weeks back on sour cream containers....SO this is the exact same apttern she used...if you would like to know how to make them click here
So what I did was I took Printable Vellum and I created my own Patterned Papers using some of the Icons from the SSD Halloween Tags and sentiment sheets. I used the different potion bottles on one sheet and I used the bats and coffins on another. All I did was cut them out and scatter them around the paper . I left 2 without ribbon or tags so you could see the patterned paper I made. I love the vellum because you can see the fun candy corn colors right through. But by adding the images it feels more Halloweenish.
Ok next up... Luminaries! I love candles! They set such great ambiance! Whether you want a romantic atmosphere, warm and cozy, or even a spooky one candles set the prefect tone. Plus they make my home smell yummy! So this Idea came from Lelia some of you may have seen it on her blog but if not you can see it here
SO you see 4 different ones here... the tallest has the evil sourceress on it and the bats from teh accessory set. I set up my page in landscape and made the sourceress about 6.5" tall and set her directly in the middle of the page. I left about an inch at the top and bottom. I then scattered different sized bats all around the remainder of the paper. I did not color her in on the computer as I didn't want to waste so much printer ink. so instead I colored it in with my marker. I used sticky tape at the edge to adhere the 2 ends together to create a cylinder, I then used a martha stuart spiderweb edge punch to create border strips the I glued and wrapped around the top and the bottom which added stability and a lil something extra. I placed a tea light in the center and tada!!! he hee
The other 3... well the one to the far right I didnt color and well it doesnt work so well you cant see the image so I do not reccomend that. Now if you saw Lelias you see she blacke dout her whole image which looks fab, and I didnt I was selective but the more black you have the more you see the images so if you dont want to do teh whole thing just make sure you do some of the larger pieces of the image in black. and I am sure you could do colors too maybe but I didnt have time to try it. and the one between this one and the sourceress was made using my cuttlebug and my spiderweb embossing folder after embossed I inked it added trim to teh top and the turned out ok but the vellum did rip a little when being embossed and well i wouldnt say its perfect but it doesnt look too terrible so I wanted to just share it with you all as another option you have... so the one on the far left (also below) was the same concept of the 1st accept I made it smaller. I used only 1/2 a sheet of vellum. you cant see it clearly but I drew in a circle moon behidn her and Iused the black cat from the accessories and repeated it along teh bottom to create a trim (sorry for such terrible pics its hard when working with candles) I used a scalloped trimed CS strip around the bottom and it to me looked like all the cats were on a picket fence lol, and then I used green CS and my martha stuart drippy goo punch to create the trim at the top. it was all put together the same way as the sourceress one just liek I said 1/2 sheet of paper so it was a little smaller
Next up I needed some Fierce and Sassy Decor to place around my home and on my tables...SO I printed these images out on a full sheet of paper...I didnt just print them once though, I also printed a mirror Image of it too! These are double sided! so if you put them on a table they look good from either side!
I colored both sided to match and glues the top halfs of the paper together with my tape teh tape runner only over the image not the blank space around it and only do the top half. (I did put a little piece at the bottom just for while I cut out the image so it would be easier but could easily be taken apart) I decided it was going to be too hard to cut around teh curls so I left a thin white trim around all my edges when I cut out these images...also by doing it that way if the 2 images dont line up 100% perfect its ok you have a little leway without cutting into the other side funny... once I cut them out I did the exact same thing I did to the pumpkin place cards accept instead of 1 I used 2 1x2" strips of CS to create stands between the 2 layers. these make great decor around teh house or maybe group them together as a fun centerpiece
well I know it was long and you may not have learned a lot but hopefully I helped you se ethings in a different light and find a new way to use your stamps or digi images (especially your SSD ones ;) he hee)
Well it is late and I am gonna go to bed now but I hope you enjoy what I showed you here today.
and remember if you decide to try any of the projects from this studio sunday this week please email pics or a link at and you will get a free dollar deal image from SSD
Happy Crafting!
love Linds

Hey there SASSY SISTERS!!! Here we are again! Another week has gone by! Can you believe it? I just LOVE visiting with you all on Saturdays!! It is SO exciting to see ALL of your creations and share them here!! You sisters sure are talented!! Keep that SASSINESS comin'!! I am ALWAYS on the look out for creations to share!! Now, this week is NO exception!! Check out these SASSY creations by, Angela!! Aren't they AMAZING? I LOVE them! Hope you do too!! You can visit her HERE! Make sure to stop by and leave her some love!!


Thanks for sharing your talent Angela!!! Shoot me an email at, so I can get you your badge!!!

OK, sisters, now it is your turn!! Your turn to SHARE your talent!! I am looking forward to checking out ALL your creations!! So..........get your creations, using SASSY STUDIOS images, and upload them to PCP and SCS. What are they? Paper Craft Planet and Spitcoaststampers!!! Did you know, we NOW have our own album, over at Splitcoast??!! When you upload your creations? You will want to label them sassystudio, so we can find them!! So? Remember, Not ONLY will you be featured here? BUT? You will also be able to grab that SASSY SATURDAY badge I was talking about, for you to display on YOUR blog!! How SWEET is that? Now, if you are NOT able to upload your pic? Don't worry!! Just submit your creations to me, at Get your SASSY groove on and get creating!!! It was SO awesome to visit with you today!! I hope you all have a FABULOUS week!! Make sure to stop back tomorrow for, STUDIO SUNDAYS!!! SASSY stuff to be had, for sure!!! Take care and thanks for hangin' out with me!! Until next time................ENJOY LIFE!!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cancer Awareness Update!

In all my ramblings I forgot to mention one thing... I am donating $1 per image purcahsed to american cancer society, however for the rest of October I am going to match it! so if you but either of the 2 images or the sentiment set in october $2 for each will go to the american cancer society!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Happy Thursday Everyone!
So last week at the release I mentioned to those in attendance that these were some images I really wanted to do for october but time just wasnt on my side. I had been out sick and then I went on a youth retreat with my church youth group as an adult leader for a long weekend. But some of you all supported my Idea and said that it would be just fine to have a little surprise release in between.
So I made sure as soon as I got back that I got these images done and ready for sale. And my Fabulous DT even busted out some samples super fast for me! Aren't they great Ladies!?!?!
So 1st off no these images are not limited to breast cancer alone you can do whatever color ribbons you wish. My personal fav is purple, and that is because it is for all general cancers. I personally am a BIG supporter of the american cancer society and their Relay for life. I have been participating in their 24 hour relay since I was in high school and last year was even my teams captain! My family sadly to say has been touched by cancer in multiple forms, my grandfather and aunt both had skin cancer, my grandfather passed away from pancreatic cancer, and my now 6 year old cousin had been diagnosed with Acute Lymphblastic Leukemia at 18 months old, went through months of treatment a bone marrow transplant and tons of up and downs including a coma where we at one point thought we were going to loose her. she survived and is now in the 1st grade. She is one vivacious lil girl! She now has to have glasses and just got her 1st hearing aids (her vision and hearing had deteriorated from all the radiation treatments) but she is happy and healthy and loved!
Because Cancer effects so many of us in so many ways I love to support the american cancer society because they support and fund research for all forms of cancer. This is why I choose this charity to donate to. So yes some of these may be more for breast cancer because this is breast cancer awareness month but it is not limited to just that.
So I have decided I will donate $1 for every one of these images sold (2 images and 1 sentiment set) and later down the line I hope to add a few more images to this collection that will also help raise money for the american cancer society!
These funds will be saved and donated on an anual basis for the lancaster relay for life here in California and maybe closer to the relay I will also set up for donations and sponsors for our team and I will announce how much money we have earned from the sales of these images etc.
Our 1st image is "I'm a Survivor"
the idea behind this image wasnt the most conventional, it was actually inspired by a saying... "of course they are fake! My real ones tried to kill me" SO yes the cleavage was very much a part of the idea of this image, and yes I know that may not be everyones cup of tea and appreciate that and I do plan in the future to add another version to this collection but for now she is all we have.
our 1st sample is done by Lelia
Next up we have on by Margie
And Val has gotten back into the action with this one...Welcome Back Val!

Next up we have "Support a Cure"
This image is more for everyone you can color the ribbon any way you wish add a name or sentiment to it, do it any way you wish.
This was done by lelia as a thank you to those who supported her in a cancer walk she did recently in memory of a friend who passed last valentines day.

This one was done by Margie
and this pink beauty is by Jacquie she even got to use her fab new pink cricut and cartridge on this one. ( I am so jealous I so want one! lol I'm saving my pennies so I can get one of my own soon he hee )
and our last sample for this image is by Val

So when will these images be available?!?!? head to the store right now because they are there right now!!! as well as a matching sentiment set!!! so support a good cause and share the love!

A Sassy Sketch Challenge!

It's that Time again!
This week we have a sketch challenge made by me, Valerie YAY! I just love seeing all the cards made with sketches that I create. We have four Sassy design team members including me that made cards to inspire you with this week. We also would LOVE to see the cards that you create using this sketch so leave a comment on this post with the link directly to your card.
You have until midnight pst the 28th to post your creations. and on the 30th we will announce the winner of this weeks sketch challenge. The winner will recieve any 2 SSD digital images of their choice! So we can't wait to see what you do with this sketch!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sponsoring Digital Tuesday Challenge this week!

Hello all, I forgot to mention yesterday that we are sponsoring Digital Tuesday Challenge Blog this week!
This CHallenge is really Fab if you ask me, it is called Things with Wings!
you can use any image you want over there for their challenge but of course the Prize to the winner will be SSD!! he hee so please stop on by and check out some of the samples they made, and if you have the time to join in please do! I love supporting others out their in crafty land as they also support me by using my images so lets share the love and support!
....speaking of support... make sure you stop back by tomorrow at noon for a surprise release!

What format would you prefer your images in?

Good morning everyone! so I was thinking about my image files etc and I was wondering what the majority preference is on files. I currently do Jpegs because it alows you to use these in any program including windows. but I do get requests for PNG or PDF or PSD etc etc etc and I have no problem at all sending special files to people when they have certain system requirements etc but I want to make sure I am giving the majority of you a file type that you are happy with I have a poll at the top of the blog and it is going to stay where it is at until nov 1st and I would like to know your opinions and preference. So if you wouldnt mind sharing with me and voting I would greatly appreciate it!
also keep an eye out later today I have a surprise being announced! and samples being shown!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Winners announced!

Happy Monday Everyone! I am back from the Retreat and it was so much fun!
Now it is time to play some catch up with lets start with the Recipe Challenge from a few weeks ago. There was actually only one entry that week so it automatically goes to Gail of Gail's Card Cafe so gail be sure to email me at with your 2 image choices. But this was a beautiful creation!!! thank you for playing along and using my original witch! For those that missed the challenge this was a recipe challenge use 1 ribbon, 2 brads, and 3 designer papers. so leave some love for gails fab card!
Next up last weeks Challenge was a Fall Inspiration Challenge! I had a fab image of fall trees to help lead you in the right direction...also their was only 1 qualifying entry in this challenge too... (be sure when you do a SSD challenge you use an SSD image, any SSD image but one must be used, or even an SSD sentiment at minimum must be used)
So the winner of this challenge was....Gail again he hee hee. So yay gail be sure to email me 2 more choices of images because you won both of the last 2 challenges!!! yay... not only that you used our 1st tutorial with teh candy bar slider so you get to pick any of our dollar deal images as a gift! or if you have them all already you can request a surprise image! so also include that in your email sooo yay for gail!!! lots of goodies for you this week!
And the last winner to be announced for today is the subscription raffle we did for this release.... if you subscribed for our email updated you were autromatically entered! and if you had already subscribed before well lucky you you were already entered!!!
so the iwnner is...

37 - judycaban ..... (i am not listing the whole email just the 1st part)
you get your choice of 2 free images so please email me at with your selection so i can get you your prize!