Monday, August 31, 2009

Who's ready for a new Release?!?!

Yep it's that time again! Back to School. I always loved Back to school getting new school supplies and Back to School Clothes. My 1st year of college I even went out and bought myself crayones and markers and colored pencils lol and well had nothing to use them on lol so I had to go out and buy myself a coloring book just so I could use them lol. So yay for Back to School!!! So we are adding to our Teen Scene!

1st here we have Backpack Brandy by Deb

Backpack Brandy by Lelia

Backpack Brandy by Lelia
Homework Holly by Jacquie

Homework Holly by Cassie

Homework Holly Back to school survival kit by Lelia
Next we have Rah Rah Rhonda! by lelia

Next we have Techie Tanya with her laptop and cell phone by Margie

Techie Tanya by Piali
Techie Tanya by Valerie
and we have 2 Magazine Margie's by Piali a card and a bookmark!

ANd Brittany our bubble gum girl is making a reappearance in her back to school fashions, here is Back to School Brittany by lelia

Studying Stacey comfy on her couch by Valerie

And lastly for our Teen Scene we have School Day Dayna! by Valerie
Now with all this back to school fun I thought it just didn;t feel complete without a sassy teacher!?!? right? sooo may I introduce to you Mrs. S ! (s is for sassy of course!) Mrs. S will be joining the I'm every Woman Category

by Cassie
Tomorrow is release day so be sure to check back in for all the fun we have in store!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey there Sassy Sisters!! How are you this rainy Saturday!! Well, maybe you are one of the fortunate ones and you don't have rain!!! Haha! I am glad you could join us today!! As you can tell, by our AWESOME banner up there, it is SASSY SATURDAY!!! WOOHOO!! I LOVE SASSY SATURDAY!! There is just SO much talent out there and SO many AWESOME, Sassy images!! I get to share all of it with you!!! So, hope you enjoy todays' SASSINESS!!

**Today we have for you the WONDERFUL creations of Maria Matter!! Aren't they THE BEST?! You can see more of her FANTASTIC creations HERE!! She has LOTS there to share with you!! Thanks Maria for sharing your creations on Splitcoast!! I was able to find them and share them here!! Please drop me an email and I will get your badge out to you!!! You can email me at!

Don't forget, we would like to see you here too!! If you don't know already! We pick some of our Sassy customers to feature, EVERY Saturday!!! We want to share ALL of your AWESOME creations!!! sure to get those pics uploaded to PCP and SCS. What are they? Paper Craft Planet and Spitcoaststampers!!! When you upload your creations? You will want to label them sassystudio, so we can find them!! Not ONLY will you be featured here? You will also be able to grab our SASSY SATURDAY badge, for you to display on YOUR blog!! How SWEET is that? Now, if you are NOT able to upload your pic? That's ok! Just submit your creations to So.......what are you waiting for? Get your SASSY groove on and get creating!!! We would LOVE to see you here!!
Thanks for stopping by today!! Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!! See you next week!! Who could be next?!!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hey Sassy Sisters!! Can you believe that Saturday is here, already? Oh my, how this week flew!! Well, it being Saturday, you know what that means!! That means it is SASSY SATURDAY, at Sassy Studio Designs!! We LOVE seeing what you are up to!! Such talented ladies, you are!!, here is the deal! If you don't know already! Every Saturday we will pick some of our Sassy customers to feature!! We want to share ALL of your AWESOME creations!!! sure to get those pics uploaded to PCP and SCS. What are they? Paper Craft Planet and Spitcoaststampers!!! When you upload your creations? You will want to label them sassystudio, so we can find them!! Not ONLY will you be featured here? You will also be able to grab our SASSY SATURDAY badge, for you to display on YOUR blog!! How SWEET is that? Now, if you are NOT able to upload your pic? That's ok! Just submit your creations to So.......what are you waiting for? Get your SASSY groove on and get creating!!! We would LOVE to see you here!!
Alrighty then.......THIS WEEK we have AWESOMENESS from Tonya, of Olde Country Creations!! Make sure to go and visit her!! You will be SO glad you did!!! You can visit Tonya at! Now here are a FEW of her creations! Thanks Tonya, for sharing your AWESOMENESS!!! Be sure to send your email addy to me at and I will get your badge out to you!! Have a FABULOUS week everyone and I will see you next Saturday!!!

**First we have Sock Hop Sweetheart!!

**Then there is Rockin Roxie!! ( My FAVE image, of course!)ENJOY LIFE!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey there Sassy Sisters!! Jacquie here, again, ...finally home from Myrtle Beach!! How did you like the party today?? Sweet, huh? I am SO glad you all could join us! Since the release was today, this is coming to you a bit late!! We have an AWESOME pick this week, for our Sassy Saturday!!
So, what is that, you may ask?? Well......every Saturday we will pick some of our Sassy customers to feature!! We want to share ALL of your fabulous creations!!! sure to get those pics uploaded to PCP and SCS. What are they? Paper Craft Planet and Spitcoaststampers!!! When you upload your creations? You will want to label them sassystudio, so we can find them!! Not ONLY will you be featured here? You will also be able to grab our SASSY SATURDAY badge, for you to display on YOUR blog!! How SWEET is that? Now, if you are NOT able to upload your pic? That's ok! Just submit your creations to So.....let's see who we have today??

**Today we have the SUPER talented, Lailani Sanford!! Lailani used the, Groovy, Hippie Chic image! I LOVE those background papers!! Don't you?!

**Check out those butterflies!! Speaking of checking out, make sure to check out her blog, STUDIO LAILANI!!! Great stuff over there!! Thanks for sharing your SASSY creation, Lailani!! We will get a SASSY SATURDAY badge out to you!! OK.....that's all for me today ladies, I am BEAT!! So glad to be home and so glad to visit with all of you!! Thanks SO much for stopping back and have an AWESOME, rest of your weekend!!!


Scent your Cards!

So the store is now open!!! not only do we have 11 fab new images in the store! We have 13 Exclusive Limited Edition Card Scents!!!

What are Card Scents?!?!
Card scents are little roll on bottles think of like a perfum for your cards...but it doesnt smell like clinique happy or something like that is smells like the yummiest most fun scents that are perfect for cards!

Now dont think I go in my kitchen and mix these things up because I don't lol. I have the pleasure of working with a lovely lady named Amy. She is a CoOwner on Moren Sugar Blvd, and the owner of Card Scents! I work with her on the digi stamp line of mine they offer over there. So when I decided to do these Sweet Treats girls for Sassy Studios here I knew I had to hit her up about the Card scents!

So with Amy's assistance we came up with a special scent just for each of my images! (some have 2 not just one lol) So these are special Limited Edition to us here at SSD and we will see how they go, but if the do ok I might expand for halloween, thanksgiving, winter and christmas scents too this fall so I will keep you updated on that.

How do you use Card Scents?!?!?
Since it is a fab roller bottle it is soooo easy! All you do it roll it on the fold of your card, under an embellishment or layer of paper, below ribbons or flowers, get creative on how you apply card scents to your hand crafted card creation...
You can also mix them up to make your own unique Card Scents blend!!!
For example.. Maybe you want orange - vanilla.. Roll on vanilla.. Let it dry for a few.. Then roll on Orange... Now you have a custom made creamsicle scent!

How much do I get?!?!?
These Card Scents are offered in the 1/8 oz. size...

How much do I need to use?!?!?
With these a little goes a LONG way! Here's a good rule of thumb. Roll it once. Let it dry for a few seconds. Then roll it again if you would like. The whole trick is if you see it. You have added too much at once. (which is why its good to use it under embelishments ribbons or layers jsut in case)

How Strong Is Card Scents?!?!
You can control how strong or how light your creation will smell by how much you roll on.. To keep your card smelling scentfully seal your creation in a clear envelope..

How long will the smell last?!?!
It depends on how much you put on your project, it depends on the environment you keep your project in it depends on your climate even. My personal experience they can last a good few weeks out in the open air in the california heat because I have scented my business cards with it before. And it has also lasted months on cards I have scented and I sealed in a celophane envelope which keeps the scent longer. So if you want to prolong the life of the scent it is always best to have in a celophane envelope (I do plan to offer these for sale in the near future )

Some More Stuff:
Card Scents are acid free so it is also safe for scrapboking.
All Card Scents are designed for paper, but are body friendly & safe.
We recommend applying Card Scents to a thicker white stock as the thicker the card stock the better it will absorb.
However you can also apply Card Scents to patterned paper and colored paper. Make sure you just do a little test first as all manufactures use different blends of ink.
Try it for yourself. You'll love Card Scents as much as we do... Now your Creations can smella as sassy and wonderful as the look!

So what Scents do we have?!?!?

Sweet Candy Apples Card Scent - The smell of fresh green sour apples an ooey gooey warm caramel

Sweet Bubblegum Card Scent - The sticky sweet smell of yummy pink bubblegum

Sweet Cupcake Card Scent - The sweet smell of vanilla cupcakes with whipped frosting and sprinkles on top!

Sweet as Cherry Pie Card Scent - The smell of fresh baked sweet Cherry pie

Sweet Cinnabuns Card Scent - The smell of Oooey Gooey Stickey sweet cinnamon rolls with gobs of frosting!

Sweet Strawberry Ice Cream Card Scent - The smell of creamy strawberry Ice Cream

Sweet Vanilla Ice Cream Card scent - The smell of Sweet creamy vanilla Ice Cream

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Card Scent - The scent of you favorite summer refreshment

Sweet Freckled Lemonade - The yummy mixture of fresh squeezed lemonade and fresh sweet strawberries

Sweet Cotton Candy Card Scent -The yummy fluffy sweetness you find at the county fair mmmm yumm!

Sweet Soda Pop Card Scent - The scent of sweet fizzy cola sorry no Diet here ladies but at least we're just smelling it he hee

Movie Night Card Scent - The smell of freshly popped buttery salty popcorn!

Sweet Cherry Lolipop Card Scent - The smell of sweet cherry lolipops!

Why do they all say sweet before them?!?!
Because they are names after our Sweet Treat Girls thats why he hee

I hope all of this information was helpful! If you would like any further information about teh Card Scents feel free to email me, or you can check out Amy's site
YAY!!! I finally got to play with my own images lol...well play at all lol I hadnt had time in so long to do any crafts =( and I finally got a chance to! I love this new Candy Apple Candace image! she reminds me of Halloween! I think I need to make her some accessories! he hee
Stop by my blog to see a few more!

Next order of business...This is the LAST day to get the Ultimate Fairytale set at it's discounted rate. So if you want it be sure to snag it before the day is over!

Today when the store releases it's new images I will offer a new package with all the Sweet Treats Girls! This package will only be available until the next release I think this is a great way to offer a lil discount for those of you who want them all!
You will have roughly a 2 week period to purchase the whole sets of the most current release!

Announcing Collectors Edition Blinkies!!!

So at the last release party (the fairytale Masquerade ball) We announced the Collectors Edition Blinkies! I have been meaning to get the post posted here as well for those who might have missed it then, so here is what they are...
So we have all noticed people have fallen in love with badges and blinkies! We know we love them at SSD! We started by offering to you all a few different badges to show off on your blogs this was great for us because it got the word out and allowed people to see a little glimpse of what we were before they clicked and visited our site.But we wanted to make something a little more fun! Kinda like a game! You know how Disney started doing their pin collecting and it's become huge! people love those pins! Well it's kinda the same idea! no trading needed though and it's completely free lol but it is still a lot of fun
We are gonna do Blinkie Collecting!!! We love doing custom banners and badges and Blinkies here at SSD and we are going to start offering an exclusive one for each event we do. The only time you can get these one's is when you join in our events. We will alos be posting a bunch of regular ones on our blog that you can have at any time. you can collect them on your blogs, or maybe just pick the one that best describes you and use it in your signatures or however you want to use them they will be there for you to have fun with! we will also have an exclusive one for those who get featured on our site and the only way to earn that one is to get some of you crafts on our Blog and you can only do that by emailing me photo's or your crations!
So start your collection today!
You will see on our side bar we will show off all of the blinkies. Some will have codes, some will not. The ones that have codes you can get any time you want! the ones without codes means you had to be a part of a special event or project to get it and the code was only offered at that time. But we want to show you all the possible ones so we will show them all here with or without codes. if you try to copy and paste it will not work, you will get a flat image which isnt any fun. you need the HTML code in order to get a working blinkie
So we had one limited edition one last release, and one this release, so stop on by the Party blog today in order to snatch up that one (hint its the cupcake one posted on the sidebar)
and to get everyone started we have one for our groovy chics out there
Copy the HTML code and add it to your blog
and one for the hot mama's
Copy the HTML code and add it to your blog

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's new release day here at SSD

Today is the Day!!! It's Release Day here at SSD
We have a great day of fun planned since it's a weekend release we really wanted to go all out!

Our Challenges will start at 12:01 am PST and run through 3:30 pm PST!

but make sure you stop back in on the Party throughout the day! we will have games and freebies and all sorts of chatter and fun! The party will begin at 10 am PST

So to get all the info on the Challenges and to join the party go to the party blog now

Sassy Sweet Shoppe Party Blog

More Sweet Treat Previews

SO Who is ready for our Release Party tomorrow?!?!? I know I am!!!
So I just wante dto stop in here and make sure you all knew what was going on, as well as show off a few more DT creations!
Tonight at 1 minute past midnight Pacific Standard Time USA The party Blog will open (there will be a link here on the SSD blog so just come back here for that info) At the opening of the Party Blog there will be 2 Challenges posted! This gives some of us night owns some time to create early, or maybe our friends over in Australia a chance to join in.
The Party though will Not begin until 10 AM Pacific Standard Time USA tomorrow morning (saturday the 15th) and will go through until 4pm.
We will announce a game at 10:05 AM PST USA
and throughout the day we will have random thinsg going on like mini challenges or games or freebies etc.
The images WILL NOT be available in the store until AFTER the party is over at 4 pm PST
so check back after midnight for more details and a link to the party blog so you can start those challenges.
Now on to goodies. The DT is so awesome and talented it has been so hard to choose, because there are just sooooo many I can't possible show them all off, so be sure to keep checking their individual blogs for more fabulous creations!
1st up we have Lelia did this fab bubblegum card!
and Cotton Candy! I still can't get over these leg warmers aren't they cute!?!?!

Valerie made these great cards using our Cupcake and Ice Cream image
And Jacquie though she is on Vacation she continues to give us amazing projects to show off
This one is also by Jacquie...doesn't that hair just scream Jacquie?!?! I love it!and Cassie what a fab new addition to the Sassy Seven she has been! look at this adorable card she did!!! She totally brought my image to life!
And how cute is this Lolipop Creation!?!?

And I HAD to show you this!!! This will end the previews for tonight, this one is by Piali!
Isn't this popcorn card fab!! Can you find the secret message hidden in the card?

And like I said these are by no means all of them! they are soooo many! I just couldn't show them all we would be here all night lol but tomorrow I will have a slide show on the party blog showing off as many as it will hold! so be sure to check that out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Prize Winners!

So I am up late! lol I was working ona bunch of stuff and next I knew it was 2 and hubby gets up at 3 am so I thought I would just stay up to be sure he gets up and so I thought hey its after midnight, I can do the prize he hee yay!!!

Wow I was so surprised how many people joined in today I didnt even know that many people viewed our blog here lol

So our 25 random intergers are ... hmmm I did random #'s and it had repeats there were like 4 7's and 3 16's etc so that wasnt what I wanted so I tried the sequence generator and I am coloring the 1st 25 with teal, and those will be our winners so there would be 25 different winners and no repeats lol ugh so sill that it did that

Here is your sequence:
35 43 11 18 9
28 34 36 41 32
39 5 2 7 8
40 3 20 22 42
6 23 10 25 14

12 30 21 1 16
4 38 13 24 29
33 26 17 15 19
27 31 37
Timestamp: 2009-08-12 09:40:03 UTC

35 - annmariewheeler
43 - Danielle Smith
11 -Flores Hayes
18 -Gotham Gal
9 - Spyder
28 -Katie Oakley
36 -Stephanie Hester
41 -Cassandra Larson
32 -Terri
5 -Patricia O'Hagan
2 -liz blair
7 -Sue Mcmanus
8 - Jan Jackman
40 -Carol Erlam
20 -Debby Boltman
22 -Sara Moreno
42 - Amber Goble
6 -Anne Cullen
23 -Anita Autore
10 -Tina Colton
14 -

So yay! congrats everyone! I will send out your prize in the morning because that will take me a bit of time to orchestrate lol but for now off to bed! I am dead tired so Goodnight everyone and thank you for sharing in my day with me

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Freebie!!!

Si I promised a surprise or 2 didn't I?!?! lol well so here is the next goodie!
A free image for anyone who wants it in honor of my birthday. It's a framed image of one of our new Sweet Treats Girls in kind of a Cameo style I love it! and I hope you do to!
And if you didnt enter my other game yet be sure to scroll down to view it. All you need to do is send me an email to be entered

Freebie no longer available
Dont forget to double click the image to get the higher quality image and save that one

Happy Birthday...

To ME!!!
Yep it is my birthday!!!
Wanna know how old I am?!?!
Shhhhh weren't you ever told it not polite to ask a lady her age...or is that just her weight lol
...well today I am 25!!! a whole quarter of a century old!
Sooooo what does that mean to you?!?!
Well it means you better check my blog throughout today because I might have a few surprises up my sleeves...the 1st one being now!!! lol
In honor of my 25th, I want to give away 25 prizes!!! so this is what we will do, you have all day today...just today to send in an email to wishing me a happy birthday they will be kept in order recieved... and tomorrow I will draw 25 random #'s from and if your email came in in that spot you will win a free image!!! shhhh cant tell you what that is as it is a surprise and you can't ruin a surprise can you!?!?
so yay!!! what a way to start the day!!! spread the word share the love but most of all be sure to check back later today as I may just have more surprises later!

Sweet Shoppe Release Party

Lolipop, lolipop, oh loli loli loli...lolipop!
Come on down to the Sassy Sweet Shop
this Saturday for our Sweet Treat Release Party!

We are going to have challenges and games with lots of prizes.We hope you will join our Party and chat with our sassy seven, our guest designer, as well as myself!

The most important things to know are ...
When will it be?: UK London time - August 15th 6pm - Midnight
USA EST - August 15th 1pm - 7pm
USA PST - August 15th 10am - 4pm (this is my time and when I refer to times this is what I go by)
Hawaii - August 15th 7am - 1pm
Melbourn Victoria Australila - August 16th 2 am - 8 am

(we have a very international following! and we deffinately want to try and allow as many of them to join us as possible so there would be as little confusion as possible I tried to post as many of their time zones as possible. please be sure to find your correct timezone though and if you are unsure email me and I'll happily help)
Where will it be?: The party will be on a special SSD Party Blog site set up only for these special events!
You MUST come here 1st on the day of the event or to one of the DT members blogs to get a special link. this link will take you to the party blog.

This is a 6 hour event and we know not everyone can join us for that whole time so we will announce the challenges at 12:01 AM PST on the dot, even before the party starts! this will give you all day to work on any challenges you wish to participate in. The winners will be selected and announced at the end of the party at 4pm PST
The Images will NOT be available in the store until the end of the party. All of the images will be available in the store at exactly 4pm PST USA on the dot!
So mark your calendars!
And be sure to find out what time it is in your own time zone so you don't miss any of the fun!and we can't wait to see all of you at out Sassy Sweet Shoppe for our Sweet Treat Release Party!

Previews for the 15th

Man am I behind Schedule! I'm not afraid to admit it, I am human too lol and well time...there is never enough of it in a day! lol
It's a good thing and a bad thing though the bad thing being that I am behind scehdule, the good thing being why I am behind schedule.... Hubby and I are going to buy our 1st house!!! so we have been shopping around and checking them out so hopefully soon we will start the process and it would be great to have it and be moved by the end of this year!!!
...but who is ready to see some previews for this weekends release coming up on the 15th!?!?!
My DT has been working so hard to make these beautiful samples for you!
SO rather than overwhelm you with all that they have been doing I thought I would pick one of my favs for each image so you can be introduced to some of our up and coming sassy girls!
1st up here we have Sweet Cinna-Buns
Creation by Cassie

Next we have Sweet Freckled Lemonade

Creation by Lelia

Sweet Cotton Candy

Creation by Piali

Sweet Cupcake

Creation by Deb

Sweet Bubblegum

Creation by Val

And no these are by no means all that there will be on Saturday, so keep a watch this week for even more!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hey there Sassy Sisters!! How are you ? Jacquie here!! So glad I could visit with you today! Hope you are all having an AWESOME weekend!! As we speak, my family and I are ALMOST to Myrtle Beach!!
I want to welcome you to out FIRST ever, SASSY SATURDAY!!! What is this, you may ask?? Well......Every Saturday we will pick some of our Sassy customers to feature!! We want to share ALL of your fabulous creations!!! sure to get those pics uploaded to PCP and SCS. What are they? Paper Craft Planet and Spitcoaststampers!!! When you upload your creations? You will want to label them sassystudio, so we can find them!! Not ONLY will you be featured here? You will also be able to grab our SASSY SATURDAY badge, for you to display on YOUR blog!! How SWEET is that? Now, if you are NOT able to upload your pic? That's ok! Just submit your creations to So.....let's see who we have today??

**Michelle Baker created this FABULOUS computer password book, using the www.sassy image!! Isn't it GREAT? You should go and visit her at The Silly Stamper!
Thanks for sharing your creation Michelle and be sure to grab a badge, to display on your blog!! Hope your day is THE BEST!!! Thanks for stopping by!! I will see you next Saturday!! Until then? Keep those creations coming and ENJOY LIFE!!!

Take care!

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's a Friday full of sweet treats and challenges!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! wow this week has been insanely crazy! I hardly got half the stuff done I wanted and needed to do! My goodness! So if you don't know alreay my birthday is next week! August 11th! It's my 25th!!! So I thought we should start the celebrating with one of my fav treats ever...A Cupcake!!! This weeks freebie and challenge images is the yummy little Cupcake!
Freebie no longer available
This image will only be available here for free through August 14th when the Challenge ends
Be sure to double click the image 1st to go to a larger higher resolution image
So what is this weeks challenge?!?!
1) use the free cupcake image
2) use bling! (we love bling here at SSD)
3) you must have some sort of 3-D element on your creation
4) post your creation online, post a comment here on this post with a link directly to your creation before midnight PST USA 8-14-09
A winner will be selected and will get 4 of our awesome new sweet treats images from out release we are having on August 15th!

1st up today we have one by our newest DT member Cassie!
I love that she used blue frosting! Her cupcake is actually made in layers with popdots for her 3-D effect

Next up is Lelia
She used clear accents on her cherry to make it shine. loaded her cupcake with bling! and even aded some folds to the liner and layered that and her sentiment is also popped up with pop dots! and a Cupcake always helps me!!! he hee
Next is Piali
I love that Piali created her own sprinkles with bling!
She also layered her cupcake with pop dots and she used a ribbon and tag to add some dimension to her card as well as a texture plate of the background what a great card full of fun elements!

and here is Jacquies!
Jacquie always finds the absolute cutest designer paper! I love the soft colors to this card the layering and the bow and not only did she use glitter she used big bling!
Next is Valeries!!!
Layer after Layer of fun add lots of great dimension to this card! Don;t you just love Pop Dots! I know I do!

And our Sassy from Down Under Deb
(he hee can you tell I'm jealouse and love the fact that she lives in Australia!?!?! he hee)
She did this awesome shaped card! not only is it great, but you can learn how to do it too! This creation is going to be featured on Paper Craft Planets tutorial section! So keep an eye out and try one yourself maybe yay Deb!

And here we have Ellen
She used bling everywhere! her cupcake obviously sparkles all over but her background paper also has some glitter stripes. and for her 3-D element she used some great pink and Brown flowers to coordinate with her cupcake. She was the only one to do a chocolate icing...yum!

So thanks for stopping in today I hope you will join us here with our challenge!
I know some of you may be wondering where has Margie been? why don;t I show her stuff? Well Margie is moving =( but she will be back with us very soon! So we are super excited about that!

Also be sure to check back in this weekend we have great stuff being posted on Saturday and Sunday!!!
And do you remember that date I posted above the one that I said was my birthday?!?! Well be sure to check in then too I might have a surprise or 2 up my sleeves hmmmmmm

Happy Friday All