Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hello and Welcome to Sassy Studios Designs!
I am Lindsay, and I am not only the owner/founder, I am the artist behind this site.
I have been into art since highschool (well maybe since elementary school when my dad gave me my first Art lesson at the dining room table teaching me about perspective) I went to college and studied fashion design. And don't get me wrong I love fashion design but my fav part was always the illustration aspect. I got into scrapbooking about 3 years ago and only discovered card making and stamping just under a year ago and I fell in love!
So how did I get into stamp designing... well As many of us know the economy isn's the greatest right now and unfortunately the company I was designing for took a nose dive and had to close it's doors. And sadly to say I have yet to find a new job. fortunately just before this happened I met a lovely lady names Amy who owned an online store called Simply Sista's and later changed to Pink Papery Studios. And Amy loved my drawings and We started work on a line of clear acrylic stamps and digital stamps. Sadly to say the clear stamps had problems due to faulty manufacturing but the digi line grew and grew. and became a little overwhelming so Amy decided to stick to her card scents (which are fabulous by the way!) and teamed up with a lady named Candie who formed and runs Modern Sugar Blvd along side with Amy. I of course continued my work and we have some great images over there. Because I share my rights to these images with them you will see many of the same images offered here, however there will be exlusive images over at MSB that you can only get there and exclusive images over here that you can only get over here.
Also about 1 month ago I met (online meeting he hee hee) Toni from the Digi Shack and I loved her new site she just opened, and I especially loved her logo! So I being the inquisitive person I am (I so got an award for that I think back in the 4th grade and had no clue what it meant when I got it lol) I had to ask if she was going to have stamp images like her logo. =( Sadly to say the answer was no...however...I volunteered my services as an illustrator and we struck a deal! and now you can see an exclusive lline of images over at the digi shack created by me. these images will only be offere over there, however I may show off some creations using those images in my galleries in the future since I am very proud of my work with them!
So this is my new blog and I debating whether to open a different website for the store or just include the store as part of my blog, however while I figure out those details I wanted to introduce myself, and let you know what I do. I will also be doing a Design Team call out starting on June 1st! so check back for details and join in if your up to it.

PS I am an artist for hire so if you are a company looking for a new artist feel free to send me an email, or even if you are just the regular everyday person out there that might want a completely custom image just for yourself send me a message too!

So happy crafting all my friends out there in this fabulously sassy world out there!
I can't wait to start my new company and I hope you will follow along with me as I grow!