Saturday, August 15, 2009

Announcing Collectors Edition Blinkies!!!

So at the last release party (the fairytale Masquerade ball) We announced the Collectors Edition Blinkies! I have been meaning to get the post posted here as well for those who might have missed it then, so here is what they are...
So we have all noticed people have fallen in love with badges and blinkies! We know we love them at SSD! We started by offering to you all a few different badges to show off on your blogs this was great for us because it got the word out and allowed people to see a little glimpse of what we were before they clicked and visited our site.But we wanted to make something a little more fun! Kinda like a game! You know how Disney started doing their pin collecting and it's become huge! people love those pins! Well it's kinda the same idea! no trading needed though and it's completely free lol but it is still a lot of fun
We are gonna do Blinkie Collecting!!! We love doing custom banners and badges and Blinkies here at SSD and we are going to start offering an exclusive one for each event we do. The only time you can get these one's is when you join in our events. We will alos be posting a bunch of regular ones on our blog that you can have at any time. you can collect them on your blogs, or maybe just pick the one that best describes you and use it in your signatures or however you want to use them they will be there for you to have fun with! we will also have an exclusive one for those who get featured on our site and the only way to earn that one is to get some of you crafts on our Blog and you can only do that by emailing me photo's or your crations!
So start your collection today!
You will see on our side bar we will show off all of the blinkies. Some will have codes, some will not. The ones that have codes you can get any time you want! the ones without codes means you had to be a part of a special event or project to get it and the code was only offered at that time. But we want to show you all the possible ones so we will show them all here with or without codes. if you try to copy and paste it will not work, you will get a flat image which isnt any fun. you need the HTML code in order to get a working blinkie
So we had one limited edition one last release, and one this release, so stop on by the Party blog today in order to snatch up that one (hint its the cupcake one posted on the sidebar)
and to get everyone started we have one for our groovy chics out there
Copy the HTML code and add it to your blog
and one for the hot mama's
Copy the HTML code and add it to your blog

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  1. I love the idea! I took one of these and it looks fun on my blog! ;)