Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Teasers!

The last 2 teasers!

What do you think?
Any clue?
I know some of the ladies onthe DT have given a few clues out...
have they helped you to give a guess?
If so, don't forget to leave your guess in the comments!
We shall see you tomorrow for the blog hop!
We are having, not only the hop
but a challenge and a scavenger hunt!
See you then!


  1. The top one looks like Cruella DeVille...not sure about the other one x

  2. Tengo varios nombres pero no estoy segura, porque tampoco eran tan malas.

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    1. I think the second one is the Queen of Hearts - still working on the first. These are not that easy:-)

  4. Me arriesgo.
    La primera Cruella de Vil, su pelo me da la pista.
    La segunda Reina de Corazones, parece que su mano apunta al corazón.
    Que cuestion mas malaaaaa!!.

  5. the first one looks to me like, Cruella DeVille.
    The second might be queen of hearts or from Dark Shadows.. I am sure they are going to be fabulous!

  6. Well, I was wrong yesterday and think these are Curella DeVille and the second one is The Queen of Hearts. I hope so! And the one from yesterday that I said was Curella DeVille I think is Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I think! Can't wait to see them! Am so excited to find out and see what everyone has created!

  7. I think the coreect order is :
    Lady tremaine
    the queen
    cruella de vil
    queen of hearts

    This was a hard one

  8. The first one is: Cruella De Vil... if she doesn't scare yoooooooou, no evil thing will...
    The second one is: Alice in Wonderland's
    Queen of Hearts- "Off with their heads!!!"

    It was so much fun guessing these the new Vicious Villain Honeys. Hope I got them all... o.O

    -Katya Bess

  9. My guesses are
    1. Gruella de Ville
    2. Queen of Hearts

    Have a great evening!

  10. First snippet looks like Cruella de Ville and the second might be queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland