Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oooohhhh La La.... A Saucy Saturday Feature!

Hello there Sassy fans and welcome to another Sassy Saturday feature! This week, I stumbled across Erin's Owl Nest and found not one but TWO Sassy gals hanging out in recent posts!! :) They BOTH caught my eye, so I will showcase both pieces, but the one that had me particularly happy was Erin's take on the Sassy French Maid!

I love the shine in her hair, and, well, I guess I'm biased because black, pink and white are among my favorite color combinations ever... :) 

THEN as I stalked Erin's life online :) I came across THIS gem of a Snowgirl...

And now that I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy, Erin, congratulations for being featured on this week's Sassy Saturday spotlight, and please do email me for your badge!! :) And please do keep up the Sassy work... :)


1 comment:

  1. Wow!! I am so excited to be spotlighted! Thank you! I just love the Sassy digis!