Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Release Teaser Time

Hi !!  It's time for our November Release Teasers!!

Our first teasers for our new images are .........................

We can make a beautiful Christmas
We can make the world shine bright
As long as friends and family are with us
Every star will shine tonight!

mmm, a little hint to help you along...............

Put down those video games 
Pick up those Candy Canes
and hang a wreath on your door
Bring Peace and Harmony 
Cause that's what Christmas is for!!

Leave your guesses in the comments for your chance to win one of these images!
Stop by tomorrow to see the other teasers!
And Saturday is our hop!

See you tomorrow - good luck 
hugs' Jackie 


  1. I'm thinking a Sassy Christmas Elf & Angel. Can't wait to see them all!!!

  2. Very pretty, I guess an Elf and hanging a wreath. Looking forward to all the sneak peeks!
    {Hugs} Barb

  3. I think the first one is an elf and the second could be decorating the house! x

  4. I'm guessing the first is an elf and the second one is an updated version of "Trimming the Tree"

  5. Sassy Mistletoe Elf is my guess lol

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
    Monica L.

  6. Hmmm.... perhaps the first one is an angel and the second is definitely hanging a wreath. XOX Lucy

  7. Sassy Elf (love her jingle bell earrings!) and Hanging the Wreath!

  8. I'm going to guess Sassy Elf (ears) and hanging the wreath!

  9. Elf and an angel. The ears were a great hint.

  10. I think Sassy Elf and Sassy Mistletoe. Very cute what I can see!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the team. Gobble Gobble. :)



  11. Well by looking at the ears, the first one is an elf, and the second one is someone either decorating a tree or hanging up a wreath! Can't wait to see and do the Blog Hop!!!

  12. oh it has to be Sassy elf and Sassy angel

  13. The first one is an elf (the ear say it *lol*) and the second, the one how decorate the home for the coming lovelys ;)

  14. What I see so far is so cute! Love this time of the year. The first is Sassy Elf and the second is Sassy with a Wreath. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  15. Definitely an elf and I'll say angel for the second one.

  16. Oh my! I didn't know there was a release this week! Yikes! So glad I got her when I did...guess I hadn't been on the computer much this week! Anyways... I'm guessing Sassy Elf for the first one and Sassy Missletoe for the second one.