Friday, November 29, 2013

New Release Teaser Day 3

Hi Everyone !!

Are you getting excited to see the new images Lindsay has for you?  Well only one more day to our Blog Hop release!! 

While you're waiting here's two more teasers of two new images ................
 a bit of a song that might help you with them

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree

Christmas Eve will find you
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas

one more to get you thinking............
Santa Claus is gonna be dropping in on me.
Now is there something I might have missed
I had quite a few things on my list
I hope he can fit it all under that Christmas tree.

Now I know what he like for a late night snack
For years now it's been bringing him back

Leave your guesses in the comments for your chance to win one of these images!

Stop by tomorrow  for our blog hop, the team has amazing creations to share 
with all 5 of the new images!

Teaser winner's will be announced on the blog hop tomorrow!!

See you on the hop!!


  1. Hmm- first one is obviously holding a hot apple pie. Second one is cookies and milk for Santa?

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  3. Sorry, to much error in the first posting ;).

    I begann with the second, I think I begann with the second, it represents cookies and milk for Santa.
    The first one is the woman, daughter, the girlfriend that comes home for christmas from the Job in an foreign country, the University or something else.
    Sometimes it is not so easy to thing and write in your language, because we say it in other words and than the songs are no help *LOL* :) ;)
    But I love the wonderful theasers and the chance to win a wonderful image, even if it is wrong, what I say ;).

    Have all a wonderful Black Friday and good deals!!!

    P.S. now if anyone finds an error, he may keep it ;)

  4. the first looks like a Sassy Pie Baker and the 2nd looks like she's got her milk and cookies for Santa.

    can't believe I've missed Sneaky's while getting ready for Thanksgiving.... so glad I've popped by today. :)

  5. Sassy Baking Pie And Second Cookie And Milk For Santa

  6. Oh a milk and cookie image! So excited. I think the first one had a yummy pie. Can't wait to see the new images. On pills and needles waiting!

  7. Sassy Pie for Santa and Cookies and Milk for Santa. Lol Santa will be stuffing like the turkey was!!!


  8. Hmmm... First one could be a girl with a turkey or pie and the second one looks like she's in her pyjamas with milk and cookies for santa (perhaps a carrot for the reindeer too?) XOX Lucy

  9. Hmmm... Sassy Baker and Pajama Sassy...

  10. I'm thinking Sassy Baker and Sassy Milk and Cookies. :)

  11. I'm thinking Sassy Pie Girl and Sassy Milk and Cookies

  12. I'm going to say Sassy baker and milk and cookies for santa