Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Sassy Anniversary Relay Begins

Happy Saturday all!

So today we are going to kick off our Sassy studios Anniversary Relay!!!
In Honor of being open for one year I wanted to celebrate some of our best selling images. Now I know this may mean you might already have the images I post, but considering this will be a 4 day relay that means 4 different images and then at the end if you play all 4 days you will get a 5th image as well from me which will be from the June 1st new release!

What to do:
Snatch up today's freebie and create something with her...can be anything no restrictions
You must post on your blog and link directly to it in the frogger inlinks below
then email me at letting me know you completed the 1st step of the relay

You must enter (link and email) before 9am PST Sunday May 30th (tomorrow)

The next step:
I will be checking my emails regularly this weekend so once you are done with the 1st step I will send you the 2nd must play and continue to play in order to receive the rest of the freebies. You will not be able to post your 2nd entry and get the 3rd days freebie until 9 am Sunday.

Why 9am - 9am?:
Well I like doing a lot of my posts at midnight to midnight, but i know we have many international fans as well, and so no matter what I wanted to do a 24 hour period but this in my opinion was going to be the best so we will try 9-9 this time and if it goes well maybe we will stick to it if not i can go back to 12-12 in future contests and challenges

So our 1st Image is going to be Sassy Cassie... Sassy Cassie wast my 1st top seller and continues to be. She epitomizes Sassy from her head to her toes. When I first created her I was inspired a little by Paris and those boots... I have always loved Victorian boots and these were my modern take.

So snatch up Cassie while you can, she will be up all 4 days so even if you miss out on day one you will still get her as a freebie and on release day we will have a special freebie for all as well
Be sure to double click on her to get the high resolution version before saving to your computer

Freebie was removed
PS don't forget we are having a DT call out (and another freebie is posted with it) it is 2 posts below this one so be sure to check it out

Post your links to your Sassy Cassie creations here


  1. Oh, she is awesome! I wish I could play in the challenge but with the weekend holiday being jam packed no time to play ): I hope it's okay to snag her and play with her after the challenge. Thanks for a great image.

  2. Same here, too busy, no play-time this week..... But totally {heart} the image!

  3. Thanks for this great image I enjoyed working with her. Can't wait to see whats next. Caroline x

  4. Thanks for the beautiful image, anxious for tomorrow!

  5. Love her and so glad a friend pointed me in your direction!!

  6. Wow, the cards that are being posted are gals all rock...Thanks so much for this fun relay....can't wait to get the next image...what a great idea....

  7. emailed my info first thing this morning. Can't wait to see what the next image is.

  8. Great job everyone! :D Loving your creations!!! :D xo Amanda

  9. Thanks for the great freebie.. she is so gorgeous... aww but only just saw the challenge.. I'm too late!!! Fab cards everyone, they're awesome xxx

  10. Ow it's 1.39 am there.. but here its 10.40am.. ...... !!!!

  11. Just saw the challenge and since its 3:14 pm here in Norway i think i am too late,thanks for the freebie she is gorgeous, anyway i am going to make a card with her a little later.

  12. Ohhhh its only 6:16 there so i suppose i can pop up a quick card

  13. oh this is so awesome! can't believe you have so many submissions already, but I am on it!

  14. oh crap, guess I missed it. I just re-read the post. bummer

  15. holly cow, 9am??? I totally read pm :(
    crap. Megan, I guess you're not alone...