Monday, May 31, 2010

day 3 in our anniversary relay

Good Morning Everyone...It's Monday!!!
And the only reason I am so excited is because It's a Holiday! he hee no work! well real work lol SSD work of course but that's fun not work.
Sorry I didn't prepost so I am running a tad behind getting this up.
So how was every ones weekend so far? Do you have to work today? or did you get the day off as well? And what are you doing today?
I am going to spend part of it working on new images...yay!!! and the rest lounging by the pool and barbecuing with my family

So we have had a wonderful group of people make it through round 2 and I have send out image #3 to all that emailed in so if you have not sent in an email or if you haven't received my response yet send me another one quick letting me know so you all can get started on round 3...and Who do we have here today for round 3?!?!?

She has been one of our best sellers for sure! She was still selling at Christmas and even still into spring with Halloween months and months away people were still choosing her above so many others.

So if you are playing in the relay you have until 9 am PST Tuesday morning to link to the Frogger/Inlinkz below and email me at to get the next image in the relay. There is 1 more images in the relay and if you can hang until the end you will get a new release image as a prize. And for those that can't join no worries lets cheer on and encourage those that can they are all doing such fabulous creations for us to see.
Plus we have 2 freebies posted in past posts (one in the DT call post and one in the 1st day of the relay post) and we will have another freebie on release day

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  1. This relay is a wonderful idea! It gives us a chance to experiment with your images before we buy. It also pushes us to complete a project, not just leave the free image for another day......