Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 2 of the SSD Anniversary Relay

Good Morning Everyone!
It's is a bright and shining Sunday here in Southern California!
Wow we have had a great showing so far in the Relay Thank you everyone who is able to play along this weekend I am sincerely enjoying everyones creations.

So today is not a freebie for all, you had to have played in day one to get today's image, but since it is all about some of our best selling images of the year I wanted to be sure you all got to know who she was....
Princess Penelope!
She was my take on a Cinderella Character, She also had a masquerade mask that you could layer over her face. She was one of our first fairytale fantasy characters and is still one of everyones fav's.

So if you are playing in the relay you have until 9 am PST monday morning to link to the Frogger/Inlinkz below and email me at to get the next image in the relay. There are 2 more images in the relay and if you can hand until the end you will get a new release image as a prize. and for those that can;t join no worries lets cheer on and encourage those that can they are all doing such fabulous creations for us to see.


  1. I haven't gotten mine yet! Will you be emailing us soon? Thank you so much!

  2. I still haven't gotten my yet either. This one is so pretty I can't wait to play with it.

  3. She's enchanting! I'm anxiously awaiting mine as well. I'm sure she'll be in our in-boxes soon! :)

  4. Having so much fun with this relay!! thanks for the gorgeous images.

  5. This relay is such a great idea. Loving it.

  6. I so wanted to play but didn't get my blogger update till it was too hoo! Have fun ladies, hopefully I can play next time. Also just wondering i would like to possibly buy Princess Penelope, but can't find her on the buying blog, is she still availablet to purchase? Thank you.

  7. Hi ladies, you have made some beautiful projects! I'm going to have to drop out and I,m so sad. I,m in a marina for the weekend and I couldn,t find a printer yesterday to print the Princess. Boo Hoo, I look forward to looking each day and seeing what you all create!

  8. Hi Michelle-a-bella,
    Yes the princess is available, for some reason blogger keeps dropping her. Lindsay is working on a permanent fix!