Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time Flies when your Busy!

SO this week completely flew by me! I haven't forgotten about you all I swear I have been working on redoing those old images that were questioned and I have been working on new images as well as all sorts of other lil things to help spruce up SSD and all my regular day to day stuff work church family etc and I have just not finished those images yet... I will still be getting them up as freebies as soon as they are done but I didn't think it was fair you ended up going a whole week with out freebies when i promised lots of them over this wonderful Spring Break we are having!
SO.... I picked a few of my personal Favs! to share with you all this will be up til the 15th and then they will be up for sale in the store still. So I hope you all have a wonderful day/Weekend!
and I have some emails I haven't had a chance to answer yet so if you are waiting to hear from me I'm trying to get through all of them this weekend so I do apologize for any delays.
...well I have to go for now today is a very important day! ...Confirmation Day! yep we have a great group of teens making their confirmations today so I have to head over to the church to support them as well as help make the ceremony run smoothly ;)
talk to you all soon!

Be sure to double click the images to get the full resolution copies before saving

freebies have been removed they are available in the store


  1. Beautiful! Love the Queen! Thank You!

  2. Linds - thanks so much for the freebies!! I will say a prayer that this day begins a life filled with the love and guidance found only in our Lord for each confirmand!! Blessings and Hugs!!!

  3. Love these! Thank you so much! :)

  4. Thank you for the images, my favorite one is the lady in swimming suit!

  5. These are so lovely, thanks so much for the freeby's. :))


  6. Thanks for the awesome freebies..


  7. Thanks so much! The queen is great.

  8. Love the yoga one!! Thanks for the freebies!

  9. Thank you! thank you-thank you-thank you for the freebies! Love them :)
    Enjoy the rest of the spring break!

  10. WOW! You are too good to us. Thank you, thank you.

    also0 very glad to hear you are taking care of YOU!!!!

  11. Awesome images! Thanks for sharing them with us Lindsay!

  12. O wow they are gorgeous, thanks for the freebies. Hugs xxx