Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Yep it is the 40th Earth Day!
OK I am a recycling NUT! my recycle big is always full my trashcan hardly ever full! when we finally get our house my sis recently told me our local waste management will give you 2 recycle bins at no extra cost! Love it! my garage sadly to say has huge black trash bags of cans and bottles etc cuz well i can get money for those he hee
But for reals I hate things like Styrofoam...hate it!
Hate throwing away anything plastic because well its worse than Styrofoam
and I hate when people just throw away electronics, batteries, light bulbs (the fluorescent ones) because those things need to be disposed of properly
And my hubby and I and my parents and my uncles wife are all working on our own home gardens as well.
Don't get me wrong I am not perfect I don't have a hybrid or electric car almost got one but just too pricey one day when prices go down I will so get one but for now my good ole Corolla gets great gas mileage at least, and ya know organic foods are good but I don't buy all organic once again...recession, can't afford it. You know and thats the truth, but I do try to do the little bit I can and especially all us crafters, all the papers we go through I always have tons of scraps or mistakes that go in the trash and most of that paper can be recycled.

SO in Honor of Earth Day...and our Spring Break we have been taking I have another special Freebie!!! This is a one day only sneak peak deal!
it's called
I have the Whole World in My Hands

Image was finally removed 4-25-10
so you had a few extra days to snatch it up
It will be in the store 5-1-10

Make sure you double click her to get the full resolution version.

She is a brand new image that is free for today only and then she will be up for sale in the store on the 1st along with some great new image's you'll start seeing this weekend! So snatch her up while you can! ...I know your probably going hmmmmm she looks familiar?!?!? lol well she is! Baby Bump was on of my 1st ever digi's I brought here to SSD when I opened and well she's a lil sad and not so smooth along the edges like many of my pre halloween images and that is just because I used a different computer editing technique, and soon I will probably be taking all those oldies but goodies away and replacing them with fresh new images, and so I thought this was a great way to freshen up and change and revamp and modernize baby bump so she can stay with us a bit longer!

So Happy Earth Day everyone!
don't forget your freebie, and maybe take an extra step for our mother earth today pick up that piece of trash someone threw or dropped on the ground, don't throw away recyclable bottle or can in the trash if their isn't a special bin make an effort to bring it home with you.... maybe ride your bike or walk instead of take the car, but every little bit helps:)


in all my Earth Day Happiness I forgot 2 HUGE HUGE HUE bits of news!
1 it isn;t final yet....but it is looking very very promising, we are finally going to be getting our house! we should be signing papers by the end of this month so cross your fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs etc etc etc and say a little prayer or 2 o r 3 but we might be FINALLY getting our house! (been going through escrow since Dec.)

and .... I am going to be an Auntie!!!! My lil sis (I say lil she's only 2 years younger and she's 23 married for just over 2 years etc but still shes my baby sis) She just found out she is pregnant and I am going to be an Auntie! he hee

so what a week!!! yay!!!


  1. I'm keeping everything crossed hun! ;o)

  2. wow thanks for freebie , congrats on becoming auntie , and also your new home :) huggs jo x

    p.s happy earth day :)

  3. Thanks for sharing,I'm keeping everything crossed for your move except my fingers need those for crafting. Congrats on being an Auntie.

  4. Thank you so much for the freebie. I do recycle as much as possible. Good luck with your house!!

  5. Love this new image, I am a big time recycler. Good luck with the house.

  6. Lindsay, I think you're my soul sister!!!! :) I have a Corolla (and too hope to get a Prius when the price is right) and I am a recycle freak! I totally bring things home to recycle them and do a lot of recycling at work (people by now learned not to throw away those envelopes!) :)
    Thank you so much for the freebie. I love-love-love those "old" images. When you decide to take any of them off the website - would you please let us know? I'll make sure to buy them :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your house and congrats on soon to be Auntie!

  7. Congrats on the house AND becoming an auntie Lindsay! That's great!

    And I love the Earth Day girl! I had fun using her! I'm a recycler too! And we're planting a tree today in honour of Earth Day!

    I posted my card on my blog just now!

    Thanks Lindsay! :D Happy Earth Day!

  8. Congrats on BOTH pieces of news- I adore being an auntie!!!
    I am in love with this digi, thank you so very, very much!!!

    Also- I have 2 containers on my work table. One is a decorated pail I got and all my paper scraps/mistakes, etc. get thrown in it.
    I have a much smaller basket that gets the things that aren't paper or recyclable. Strips the glue dots are on, packaging, etc. It is VERY easy to toss appropriately as you create. Not as easy to sort all the tiny stuff out. Just an idea for anyone interested! :)

  9. Thanks for the great freebie. Perfect for Earth Day. Congrats on you news.

  10. 1st off, Congrats on both pieces of news, I'll keep my fingers crossed on the house!

    2nd, This is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Earth Day stamp digi! THANK YOU! She's awesome!!! I can't wait to print her out and play with her today.

    My five year old son has been pestering me to stamp for a couple of days because I've been working on some cards for a large project, but I'm going to print some of these out and let him color them, he'll LOVE it!!! :) And they've been learning about Earth Day in Kindergarten this month, and his teacher has frogs and fish and all kinds of animals in their classroom right now. THANKS AGAIN!!! :)

  11. Thank You!!!! I forgot to leave this when I got this cutie. And Happy Moving!!!!!! May all the memories you make in your new Home be Happy Ones!!!!!!

  12. Thank you so much for hte freebie!! I just lover her!!

    I will keep you and your family--new home, new baby, in my prayers!! HUGS!!

  13. Congrats on all the news you shared! Thanks so much for the freebie, it's awesome, I love it =)

  14. Thanks a lot!
    Beautiful image...

  15. Thanks for the awesome Earth Day/everday freebie!!! She is wonderful redesigned! Can't wait to see more!

    Congrats too on all of your news...becoming auntie and your house! Each one is so awesome but putting the two together is so over the top!!! Have fun with both...we know you will!

  16. Great earth day image. Thanks! Congrats on your house.

  17. I love this digi! thank you! I am in the midst of a big 4 day Earth Day blog hop, so yeppers, I'm big on repurposing in my crafting any way I can! :)