Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Morning all!
Ok so something a little different for today...yep I know it is supposed to be a release day, but no, there is no new release today =(

I know I know so sad. It's my fault really I have been over comited lately with my church and my life, and well the team has been a bit worn out so I thought we should have a

Now what does that mean to you all? Nope it does not mean we are leaving you hanging.
We are going to take the next 2 weeks and do it a lil different.
We have a big news announcement coming up which will also involve a few changes here at SSD.
We will continue to have challenges every Thursday.
and We will be offering bunches of freebies over the next 2 weeks!
So I encourage you to check in daily as we have a LOT coming up, and like I said an important news announcement

So to start off our Spring Break! our 1st Freebie!
This image was a special image only a few people have gotten it so far, this image will never be for sale in the store this image is only a Freebie, and It is here for you now! so snatch it up while you can! cause come end of spring break she will go away and who knows if or when she will be seen again.
be sure to double click on her to get a full resolution copy for you to save print and play with.

freebie has been removed

and Don't forget the fun spring challenge Sara posted for us today below this post.


  1. Woo hoo!!! Now I can offically enter your challenges. Thank you!! She is so pretty. Can't wait to color her.

  2. O boy Lindsay! I hope the big announcment is that you're finally going to bring out some rubba sassiness!....whoo hoo hehehe.....
    I hope its not the other way and your quitting on us..that would suck :( I will think positive thoughts lol!....I miss the release but I thank you so much for the freebie....have a great Friday everyone

  3. OOO she is so pretty Thankyou so much, can't wait to turn her into a card!

  4. she is sassy. thanks so much!
    Heidi b.

  5. Wow, gorgeous image, thank you. Just found your blog, and love your designs.
    Claire xx

  6. Thank You!!! I've been sending Sassy cards overseas to my Husband.Not Sure that is a good ideal if you know what I mean. I have had several people ask if the images were me. And they ment actual drawings of me. So I hope when I use this one that he will be home. Since it is a New Years one. Thank you again

  7. Sassy indeed! She sure has spunk! thank you so much .... now what to create with her...

  8. Oh boy, she is stunning. Thank you!!

  9. Thank you for the freebie! LOVE her!! The ideas are flowing already!!!!!!
    And can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!!! I'm anxious to know what this BIG announcement is!!!! {I'll be checking each day!!!!}