Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sassy Cassie Saturday!

I have to tell you the truth when I drew her I loved her but with the themes we had set for of next few releases she just did not fit. I didnt think I was ever going to release her and it was by chance last minute that I thought about it. I had shown her as a sketch as a sneak preview and well that just would not have been nice at all if I didnt release her so I finshed her up last minute and added her on to out July 9th release and She is our #1 seller she is everyone's fav! SO I have to say she was the best last minute afterthought I ever had he hee he
So of course since she is our top seller that means people are creating with her! and of course I HAD to show of some of the great creations I have been seeing!!!
So first up I have 2 creations by Cassie!
and they are just stunning dont you think?!?! The sparkles on the shirts the color selections the coloring I mean just beautiful! It's no wonder I had to share them with you.

Next up another creation by Cindy Close! and it is Absolutely Fabulous!
Well I am still away anjoying a romantic weekend camoning with my hubby but I'll be back soon! I can't wait to see what everyone was up to this weekend while I was away


  1. OH I love them all! the last one has to be my favorite WOW! great job!

  2. I love them all but this is also my favorite
    Anne-marie x