Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New release today!

YAY!!! it's our 1st ever real release since we opened the store! Because it was so soon after starting up the DT the DT wasn;t required to do as much but boy oh boy did I pick a great bundle of ladies because they have been working their tooshies off! and having a Great time with these new images!!! some of them have even been showing them off on their blogs, SCS and PCP and later this morning I will be posting a bunch right here for you all to see! so check on back and be sure to see some of their wonderful creations! (P.S. be sure to read this post all the way to th ebottom we have another little announcement at the bottom!)
Now druuuummmm roll please!
It's time to see the new girls!
1st we have Rockin' Roxie! Isn't she awesome!?!? She is going to join our Teen Scene
Next we have Dhyana, our meditating yoga girl. She is dedicated to one of my best friends Shannon who is spending this month in Santa monica CA getting her yoga certification, (jealouse much! lol I wanna spend a month in Santa Monica! lol ) She will be joining the I'm every woman group.
Next up we have a whole new group being added! We are going to call this group our Sassy Fashionista's! this group will be where we put all things fabulous and fashionable!
So first up here we have Fabby Gabbie
and next up we have Sassy Cassie
So stop by our shopping site and snatch some up so you can play along with our great new DT!

And be sure to check back here on monday for our 1st ever SSD challenge!

We hope you will play along (psssst I heard there might be another freebie! shhhhhh)


  1. I think Sassy Cassie is my favorite. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that it is my name too :) Really they all look great and I'm hoping to do a little shpping this weekend. Looking forward to the challenges.

  2. Love, love, love them...and I know everyone else will too! :O)


  3. These are fabulous, just got 2 of your designs and am looking forward to joining the challenge. Best wishes with them.

  4. What a wonderful line up! They're all so pretty!