Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dhyana Samples

We have this awesome relaxing yoga girl named Dhyana. Named after the meditation pose she is sitting in. I am dedicating this post to one of my best friends Shannon who is currently working her tooshy off this month trying to get her yoga instruction certification! Good luck Shannon!
This first one is my Margie!
And my fabulous Valerie who always helps me create our great badges and banners and tags! did this little dreamer

And Lelia made me crave some yummy chocolate by making this great goodie box and coordinating card!

And the wonderful Piali made this colorful creation!

Transform yourself body and soul with this inspirational card by Jacquie!

Ok I have a question - Question of the day lol

because I really wasn't kidding when I said Lelias creations made me want some Chocolate! lol and that soooo is not helpful to my diet he hee he

What is your fav healthy or diet snack that helps you beat those cravings for the bad stuff!?!?!

mine are ocean spray craisins! mmm yummy tatses like fruitroll ups (the good kind) and they even come in little handy 100 callorie packs! its not chocolate but it helps


  1. Any 100 calorie can even get chocolate these days! Or try keeping Hershey's Kisses in the house and having 1 or 2 when you feel an urge for chocolate...dark chocolate is even better. I don't like it though. :O)