Monday, May 31, 2010

To Be Discontinued...

So it's that time again, to clear out some of the old images especially the ones that don't sell well, but also some that need revamped...yes that means some will be coming back, not the same as the original but similar (for example baby bump became the whole world in our hands earth day image) and some wont be coming back at all, because I like to try and give you all fair warning I wanted to let you know that on the 15th of June the following images will no longer be available so if you want them please purchase them before they are gone forever.
By cleaning out the excess it allows me to be able to keep my prices lower because I don't want to make my images $4 across the board if I can help it I want to try and keep as many at $3 as possible. plus... I am working hard to set us up with a real website/webstore and well its hard to make happen with soooooo many images (we are over 200 I think or pretty close to)

So to be Discontinued...
WWW. Sassy
Sock Hop
Hippie Chic
Go Go girl
Disco Diva
Baby Bump
Tropical Scene Background
Hula Hunny
Surfs Up
Lounging Around
Beach Bum
Sassy Cassie
Fabbie Gabbie
Rockin Roxie
Candy Apple Candance
Bubblegum Brittany
Cupcake Carli
Cherry Pie Cheryl
Cinna-Buns Bonnie
Ice Cream Cindy
Freckled Lemonade Lindsay
Cotton Candy Candace
Soda Pop Penny
Popcorn Patty
Lolipop Lily
My Knight in Shining Armor
Precious Pirate
Pretty Pixie
Princess and the Frog
Princess of the Orient
Princess of the Sea
Princess Penelope
Pirate accessories
Cinderella accessories
Under the Sea Accessories
True Loves Kiss
The Frog Prince
Hunny Bunny
Vampire Rosalie
Halloween Accessories
Techie Tanya
School Day Dayna
Studying Stacey
School Day Accessories
Waiting for santa girl
Waiting for santa boy
A gift for you
I saw mommy kissing santa
Fiona and Frosty
Festive Feebie
Candy the elf
Skiing stacey
meet me under the mistletoe
shopping stacey
giving thanks
High Heels
Royal Couple frogs
Decorate a Cake
Mail box
Santa hat
Perfect Present
ice skates
for santa
cheers to you
a glass of wine
shaken not stirred
stroke of midnight
holiday tags
wonderland tea party
teddy bear love
big heart
sweet talk
stamping stella
cheshire head shot
hang ten hanna
luau lani
combat carmen
air force annie
sailor sandy
patriotic patty
chelsea and her chicks
little alice
little white rabbit
off with her head
and ALL Cameos

I know that is a lot!
SO let me reiterate...some of these images, but not all will be revamped and back but they will not be the exact same... and some of these were selected because they do not sell, and some though they sell well are my old editing style which is not as clean which is why i say some will be redone and re-released in the future


  1. Ohhh that's many. I surely have to have a look then, I know for sure there's some I would like :-) I just wish there was a photo or direct-link to each one too.

  2. I agree.. a photo or direct link would so handy. Im sure i will want most of them.

  3. Change is always good! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary Lindsay and SSD! That's awesome! I'm so glad I found your images and I was happy to work with you and your team this past month! :D You do what you need to do! I'm probably gonna stock up on my SSD images too! :D Thanks for the list! I'm printing it off and heading over to the store :D Again, congrats! :D hugs, Amanda

  4. Thanks for the heads up... looks like I need to do some shopping then.

  5. Man, I'm just putting my order in and I cannot decide! I WANT them all! (My husband might kill me if I do that!!)

  6. Oh... :-/ I've just discovered your work and I love it! I missed 2 of your digi stamps "Tropical Scene" and "Beach Bum" (I saw them on Kona Krafte blog) so I hope they will come back!!