Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Half way there....ready to be blown to the outer galaxy???

Good Morning Sassy Fans!!!!  HERE is your third teaser to blast you into another galaxy!!!! 

BEFORE I show you the teasers, I want to explain how our NEW PRIZE system works.  THREE chances to win......ready???
i) For each day there is a teaser, you are to GUESS what you think each image is going to be (be specific!!).  You must guess ON the teaser post of the SSD blog.  For the 5 days of teasers, ONE WINNER who guessed the most correctly will win the ENTIRE collection!!!

ii) FOUR lucky BLOG HOP participants from 4 RANDOMLY CHOSEN DT blogs will win 1 image of their choice.  

iii) Grand Prize winner at the END of the HOP will win the entire collection

If you're stumped...use the force!!! 

Stay tuned EVERY DAY THIS WEEK for more teasers!!! AND then, be sure to come back SATURDAY, Dec. 12 to participate in our New Release BLOG HOP!!!!  You will have fun, get lots of inspiration and have a chance to win some great prizes!!!!

 It's a super star studded collection, you won't want to miss it!!!!

AND at 6 pm PST, come join us at the Party Chat and have a few laughs with the DT & other members! You never know when FREEBIES will pop up!!!  ;)  

Shine up those hopping shoes, do your stretches, and hydrate!!!  AND stay tuned tomorrow for more TEASERS!!!!  


  1. has to be luke from star wars may the force be with you

  2. Yup, gotta say Luke Skywalker. ;-)

  3. And I too say Luke Skywalker and his lightsaber ;o)

  4. Luke Skywalker, I don't see the hairsnails for Lea *lol* ;)

  5. I can't wait to see how you use Luke Skywalker as a Sassy stamp!

  6. The Force tells me that this is definitely a Sassy Luke Skywalker. =)

  7. The Force tells me that this is definitely a Sassy Luke Skywalker. =)

  8. Sassy Luke Skywalker from Star Wars