Monday, December 7, 2015

Are you ready for some TEASERS that are out of this world???

Good Morning Sassy Fans!!!!  Well, the wait is finally over!!!!  As always, there is excitement  building around Sassy Studios and the Design Team has been working really hard to make another round of Sassy creations that are OUT OF THIS WORLD! 

BEFORE I show you the teasers, I want to explain how our NEW PRIZE system works.  THREE chances to win......ready???
i) For each day there is a teaser, you are to GUESS what you think each image is going to be (be specific!!).  You must guess ON the teaser post of the SSD blog.  For the 5 days of teasers, ONE WINNER who guessed the most correctly will win the ENTIRE collection!!!

ii) FOUR lucky BLOG HOP participants from 4 RANDOMLY CHOSEN DT blogs will win 1 image of their choice.  

iii) Grand Prize winner at the END of the HOP will win the entire collection we go!!!  Remember to chew your food before you look at these teasers, we'd hate for you to choke!!! ;)

Thanks again to our little brother Greg for the teasers - he's pretty talented eh?!?! 

Stay tuned EVERY DAY THIS WEEK for more teasers!!! AND then, be sure to come back SATURDAY, Dec. 12 to participate in our New Release BLOG HOP!!!!  You will have fun, get lots of inspiration and have a chance to win some great prizes!!!!

 It's a collection that is OUT OF THIS WORLD, you won't want to miss it!!!!

AND at 6 pm PST, come join us at the Party Chat and have a few laughs with the DT & other members! You never know when FREEBIES will pop up!!!  ;)  

Shine up those hopping shoes, do your stretches, and hydrate!!!  AND stay tuned tomorrow for more TEASERS!!!!  


  1. No doubt about it ;o)
    It is CHEWBACCA the Wookie.
    Uour brother Greg is talented for sure, would love to see the whole image.

  2. Sassy Chewy of course! 😊 (or Sassy Chewbacca 😉)
    My husband is a Star Wars nut! Can't wait to see what this collection is going to be so I can show him.

  3. Oooh, Chewbacca! So much excitement here for new Star Wars....and now also for new releases at SSD!!

  4. It's Chewbacca Sassy! =) So exciting! Can't wait to see more.

  5. Isn't it great to have a brother that can help you? Chewbacca Sassy? I love the Princess Leia so I know that these will be great.

    1. I'm thinking of coloring the hair on this Sassy--it will be great to practice with.

  6. Starwars and yes, Chewbacca. These will be perfect for my grandchildren. Oh yes, I am so so ready. We are in the Philippines working with the homeless and I am not able to be with my grandchildren ever again so I send them cards and these will be so so so perfect. I am excited.

  7. One of my favorite movies...brings back fond memories of growing up. Definitely Chewbacca!! Can't wait to see the entire release!

  8. L know this one . It is Chewbacca

  9. *hmmmmm* *reflect* I think Chewbacca ;)

  10. I already like this collection LOL! I believe this one is a cute Wookie! Best, CG