Friday, June 26, 2015

Last TWO TEASERS before the BIG RELEASE and BLOG HOP!!!!

Good Morning Sassy Fans!!!!  HERE are our last two teasers before our SIXTH BIRTHDAY NEW RELEASE BLOG HOP & Party Chat!!!  

Now, on to our they are.......Do these make you MAD or SCARED???  ;)

Be sure to come back tomorrow......SATURDAY, June 27 to participate in our New Release BLOG HOP!!!!  You will have fun, get lots of inspiration and have a chance to win some great prizes!!!!

 It's a super SASSY collection, you won't want to miss it!!!!

AND at 6 pm PST, come join us at the Party Chat and have a few laughs with the DT & other members! You never know when FREEBIES will pop up!!!  ;)  AND since this is Sassy Studio's birthday better believe there will be a few prizes and freebies!!! 

Shine up those hopping shoes, do your stretches, and hydrate!!!  AND stay tuned tomorrow for THE BIG BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!  


  1. Ugh! Maybe something like the mad hatter and bride of dracula. Did dracula even have a bride? That bat is throwing me off. Maybe it'll help someone else.

  2. Hmmm...I'm gonna guess Frankenstein buttercream cake & Mad Hatter buttercream cake. Looking forward to seeing the big reveal! Happy birthday SSD!!

  3. Bride of Frankenstein Buttercream and Alice Buttercream

  4. Second one is the Mad Hatter Buttercream, first is a zombie sassy buttercream

  5. Frankenstain and mad hatter cakes :)

  6. Hello again,
    the first one is for gooseskin *lol* "Halloweenish" Frankensteins bride and the second is the Bunny from the Mad Hater Tea Party *lol* or is the "Madam Potty" from the Beauty and the Beast. It's not so easy.

  7. First one bride of Frankenstein second one Alice in wonderland maybe