Wednesday, June 24, 2015

HALF WAY THERE....are you getting excited about these amazing TEASERS???

Good Morning Sassy Fans!!!!  HERE are two more teasers leading up to our Sassy's SIXTH BIRTHDAY NEW RELEASE BLOG HOP & Party Chat!!!  

Wednesday brings us a forecast of frozen treats to share with your twin!

Stay tuned EVERY DAY THIS WEEK for more teasers!!! AND then, be sure to come back SATURDAY, June 27 to participate in our New Release BLOG HOP!!!!  You will have fun, get lots of inspiration and have a chance to win some great prizes!!!!

 It's a super SASSY collection, you won't want to miss it!!!!

AND at 6 pm PST, come join us at the Party Chat and have a few laughs with the DT & other members! You never know when FREEBIES will pop up!!!  ;)  AND since this is Sassy Studio's birthday better believe there will be a few prizes and freebies!!! 

Shine up those hopping shoes, do your stretches, and hydrate!!!  AND stay tuned tomorrow for TWO more TEASERS!!!!  


  1. Not really sure on this one but going to go with Sassy Elsa and Sassy Gemini.

  2. Got he other wrong, this is Elsa, I agree probably a buttercream and the second is Gemini!

  3. Okay, the first one today is Elza ( we saw Anna yesterday ;}), and the second are twins or Tweedle Dee und Tweedle Dum in female *lol sorry*, I'm in movie mood *hahaha*.


  4. Elsa buttercream cake and gemini twins buttercream cake.