Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sneak Snippets Day 1

Hi ya!
I am here to give you a little taste of what this
months release is about!

The only hint is that if you know Lindsay
and Sassy Studio Designs...
you KNOW this has something to do with the upcoming holiday!
Please leave a comment with your guesses
and come back over the next two days to see some more!

We are going to have a blog hop BUT
we are going to be splitting it up through two days!
It will be this Saturday and Sunday!
So check back here!
There will be prizes for some lucky people who
leave comments on each blog!
We will announce the winners from the snippet guesses
on Sunday's hop!
Can't wait to see what you all guess!



  1. I can't wait to see the full images. I think there is at least and Angel and a Lion for Halloween.

  2. Well I think the middle one is an angel so I would guess this has to do with Christmas.

  3. La primera tengo dudas, pero la segundda es un Angel y la tercera una linda gatita.
    Mañana estare pendiente.

  4. Halloween, I think.
    A showgirl, An angel, and lion/kitty.

  5. Hmmm, the middle one looks like it might be an angel for Christmas, the bottom one is a cat for Halloween, and the top one is a mystery...maybe some kind of fancy elf??? :)

  6. 1. Thanksgiving stamp :)
    2. Christmas stamp :)
    3. Halloween stamp :)

    hugs Lotta

  7. Oh, can't wait! I think they're all dressed up for Halloween! The middle is some type of angel and the bottom one a tabby cat, and the first, a cancan dancer!

    Can't wait for more peeks!


  8. I see Halloween costumes maybe an angel/devil, a kitten, and a show girl.

  9. Well, I think the last is a kitty costume, and the middle maybe an angel but boy - dance hall girl is all I'm thinking about the first one!! will be fun to see what they really are!!

  10. Definitely Halloween related. First one would be a dancing girl for an old western music hall or a vegas show girl, second one is an angel and the third is a sexy little kitty.

  11. First thing I thought of for the top image is a can can dancer or burlesque girl. Second one, an angel. Third one a feline of some sorts...maybe a lion or kitten? (seems like two extremes, huh? lol)

  12. My thoughts are a naughty & nice elf and or lioness character.

  13. It's gotta be Halloween! Definitely an angel & a cat for the second and third images. The first image is a little more difficult, I think a can-can dancer or possibly a pink flamingo?

  14. I see Sexy Dancer, Sexy Angel and Sexy Kitten.



  15. La primera es una perrita linda, la segundda es un Angel y la tercera una linda gatita.
    Mañana estare pendiente.
    Esta es mi quiniela, es diferente, por lo que no la copio.