Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Masquerade Ball Winners!!!

Hello, everyone! First, please let me apologize for the delay in posting the Sassy Masquerade blog hop winners! We had some technical difficulties to start then life got in the way. You know how that is, right? On top of it all, I'm having Internet connectivity issues. My wireless isn't working so I had to (horror) plug in and the connection is in my son's room. SO not convenient, but there I was in the dark last night while he slept, typing away! lol I had a post all set and ready to go for you this morning! Alas, when I hit publish post, *gulp*, Blogger ate it! So I had to wait until I got home to re-do it for you.

Anyway, enough of my whining... You want to know who the lucky winners are, don't you?!? Let me thank everyone who commented and chatted with us that day! It was fabulous to see so many Sassy fans turn out for this and to see some new faces as well! We were utterly amazed at the enthusiasm our party was greeted with! I think I'm still recovering from the festivities! And we are continuing to add new members every day! Best start planning that party for 500 now! Haha! Okay, okay.... Let's get down to it! One lucky commenter from each blog was chosen by to win a not yet released 2011 Sassy Halloween image a whole week and a half before anyone else will see them! Are you ready to find out if that lucky someone is you? Here we go.....

Sassy Studio Designs - Carol (aka cmdesign)
Rebecca - Linda
Kathy - Jenn Zeeb
Julie - Ruza
Sara - Amanda R
Regan - Christine (aka happyscrapper)
Lindsay - Joyce (aka Gram's Treasures)
Laura (September GDT) - Sandra

Ladies, congrats and please e-mail Lindsay at sassystudiodesigns(at)yahoo(dot)com
to claim your prize!

I will be off to post a winner of the trivia on Paper Craft Planet shortly so stay tuned for that! Also remember that we have the Sassy Masquerade challenge going on and there are still a few more days to enter to win a FABULOUS prize! The winner will be chosen by design team vote and will get the entire 2011 Sassy Halloween collection a week before it's release AND the opportunity to have their project featuring one of those images featured on the Sassy Studio Designs blog on release day, September 17th! Complete details can be found here.

Thank you again for your patience and making our Paper Craft Planet 400th Member Sassy Masquerade Ball so much fun!



  1. Congratulations to all the winners!

  2. Woot Woot! I won!! Thank you! ;o)

  3. congrats to all those lucky ladies!!!!

  4. Congratulations to all of the winners!:)

  5. AHH! So bummed I didn't win! So happy for those of you who did tho! ;) Congrats!
    Karen C

  6. Congrats to the winners! Thanks to the DT for fab cards and for the HOP!

  7. Congratulations to all the winner. Thanks again DT for all the freebie images that was given out. You guys rocked it.


  8. Wow thank you so much l too am a winner!! it was a great bloghop thanks you:) Sandra H