Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pot of Gold

Well I wasn't sure what I was going to do for a tutorial because the other DT rock at coloring and I am nowhere near their skilll level! However, when Lucy Leprechaun was released I knew what I wanted to do. I thought she would be a perfect Pot of Gold for my girls!

To start out I purchased some clay pots.

I painted the pots with the gold metallic acrylic paint. So quick and easy only took a few minutes.

To adhere the glitter I just ran a strip of the 2 sided tape around the rim and then shook the glitter on top (do this over a catch tray to save unused glitter). I then pressed down on the glitter to make sure most of it was stuck down then blew and wiped the excess (I see by the picture that I should have done a bit more wiping! )

I then colored my Lucy's. I love digital images as they can be made any size you want and I wanted her pretty big to suit the pot. As you can see I only colored the parts I needed. Before cutting her out I adhered another piece of cardstock to the back for stability.

Sorry about the lighting here - my good camera is in Europe with my hubby and oldest daughter so I have to use my youngest daughters camera, but you get the idea. I attached Lucy with foam squares. I also am giving this to my daughters who are 14 and 12 so I didn't want the beer mug. I did my best to cover it up with a shamrock bouquet (cut with cricut - Paper Dolls Dress Up). I know my girls are going to love this, as they never get St. Patrick's Day things so this will be totally unexpected!

As a final tip. I am not normally a glitter person so I don't want it all over everything. So I use this handy little tool to clean off my work area.

Posted by Laurel


  1. Oh my gosh Laurel, those are too cute!!!

  2. this has gor the be the most fun profect i have seen for a long time it just made me smile from ear to ear..imagine having your own pot of gold..its funny to because i saw this amazing rainbow the other day too..maybe its an omen perhaps i should enter the irish lottery..:)

  3. Great job Laurel! Too cute and I know your girls will love them! :O)


  4. Fab tutorial Laurel...I just love these! What a clever idea! :)

  5. Cute Laurel! and what a great way to pick up glitter!