Sunday, April 26, 2015

To be Discontinued....
As of May 15th all of the below images will be discontinued (some images may return revamped in the future but there is no guarantee

Fire Fighter Honey
Nurse Honey
Pirate Penny
Holiday Bride
Mistress of the Night
Phantom of the Opera
The Red Queen
The White Queen
Captain Jack
Dorothy Honey
Glinda the good witch Honey
Wicked Witch Honey
Mary Poppins
My Fair Lady
Sock Hop Sweetie
professor S
Victoria Beauty
France Honey
Canada Honey
Australia Honey
Carrie Sassy
Charlotte Sassy
Miranda Sassy
Samantha Sassy
Final Fling
Lager Pin Up
Pina Colada Pin up
Classic Marie ANtoinette Sassy
Graduation Sassy
Chelsea's Graduation
Copper Christi
Kutie Kim Roller girl
Elizabeth Bennett
Cowgirl Debbie
Think Pink Sentiments
Sweet Talk Sassy
Tinker Sassy
All Wrapped up
Waiting for Santa
Don;t open until christmas
scarecrow portrait
jungle accessory kit
sassy witch
jack and sally honey
create your own argyle paper
pink ribbon sassy
Jasmine Pin up
Little Mermaid Pin up
Snow white pin up
Belle Pin up
princess ariel pin up
police honey
air force honey
army honey
sailor honey
kiss the bride
bella bride
pregnant pin up
glowing gwen
saint patricks day 2012
super mom logos
maxi skirt momma 2
#1 mom
cinderella slipper papers
shadey sassy
masquerade ball
and almost all Single SentiMints will go as well, a few will be kept, and mostly sets will be kept, or if one is included with an image as a set those will remain

so buy these while you can


  1. Is there any chance of buying some of this distontinued digis?

  2. Is there any chance of buying some of this distontinued digis?