Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Of The Teasers

Celebration, like days of old
When everything was solid gold
Silver, diamonds, pearls and wine
Blood and roses, both yours and mine
Sunlight shining on a midnight line
That opens and closes like a holy shrine
These are the last two of this months teasers!

These are pretty right in your face...
so I will have to make the trivia questions a bit harder! LOL
I am going to give your 4 chances...
1. How many years have diamond as either traditional or modern gifts?
2. What year is groceries listed as a modern gift?
3. What years is crystal listed as either a traditional or modern gift?
4. What year matches June's birthstone?
(there are more than one)
Making you work for the images! LOL
OK I will be announcing all the winners right here 
during tomorrows blog hop.
So we shall see you here, right???

I will also be announcing the plans for next month!
Celebration - in full sweet swing
Of everyone and everything
That causes hopes and dreams to rise
Bringing love light to your eyes
Bringing laughter to your heart
Celebration, let it start
Happy Creating


  1. The images are something to do with Bubblegum and Bubble Bath?

    Diamond is at least 8 (if you include Diamond Jewellery)
    Groceries are the 44th
    Crystal - 15th (traditional) or 3rd (modern)
    June - 3rd, 12th or 80th (modern) 30th (traditional).

  2. The images contain lots of bobbles!

    Answers to the trivia questions:

    1. Traditional have diamond for the 60th anniversary. Modern have diamond for the 10th, 30th, 60th, 80th, 85th, 90th, 95th and 100th anniversaries.
    2. What year is groceries listed as a modern gift? 44th year.
    3. Crystal is the traditional gift for the 15th anniversary and the modern gift for the 3rd anniversary.
    4. Finally June's birthstone is Pearl, so it is matched by the 30th anniversary in the traditional list and in the 3rd, 12th and 80th in the modern list.

  3. Wow, we are working hard!
    1. I count 5. 10th - modern, 30th - modern, 60th traditional and modern, 75th - traditional and modern and 80th modern.
    2. 4th in UK - fruit and flowers, 6th in UK - Sugar and 44th
    3. 3rd modern and 15th traditional.
    4. Pearl is 12th modern and 30th traditional.

    As for the images Bubble Gum Sassy and Bubble Bath Sassy the bubble twins. I know bubble twin powers activate, shape of a bubble. Okay most of you won't get that. :-)(super friends joke)

    Can't wait until tomorrow.


  4. Diamonds are 60 and 10
    Groceries is 44
    Crystal 3 and 15
    Moonstone is Junes birthstone but I didn't know if that meant pearl or opal so I'm going to say pearl 30 and 12.
    Woo hoo! I have to say I am going to be soooooo excited if one of these is the modern bubble bath Sassy that I have been bugging you about for so long. The other is bubble gum Sassy.

    p.s. groceries for the 44th? it better be something like steak, seafood, a fantastic dessert and something that has bubbles in it.
    Happy Flowers and Silk Anniversary.

  5. Digi guesses: Bubblicious Sassy and Bubble bath Sassy

    1: there are 8 anniversary years that have diamond: 10, 30, 60, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 - who the heck makes it to 100 years of marriage? But I digress...

    2: groceries (yipee! lol) is the 44th year

    3: crystal is in years 3 and 15.

    4: going with pearl as June's birthstone, there are 4 years: 3, 12, 30 & 80

    Bonus fact: Did you know that June has two (though some say 3) birthstones? The original one was alexandrite, but it's very rare and VERY expensive, so they added pearls to the month. (I guess to make things more affordable! lol) :-) Sadly, I have way more pearls than (synthetic) alexandrite ;-)

  6. 1. Diamonds can be given for the 10th, 30th, 60, 80, 85, 90, 95, and 100.... My grandparents will celebrate 70 on Sunday, but there isn't a 70th listed.

    2. LOL!!! Groceries are for the 44th.

    3. Crystal is for the 3rd and 15th.

    4. Pearl is for the 3rd, 12th,30th, and 80th.

    Digi....i would say bubble gum sassy and bubble bath sassy.

  7. 1. diamonds 30th
    2.groceries 44th
    3. crystal is the 3rd
    4. pearl is the 12th
    Never new groceries could be given

  8. Diamonds are for 10, 30, 60, 75 and 80.

    Groceries are 44th (very odd to me)

    Crystal is the 3rd and 15th

    June birthstone - 12, 30 and 80

    Bubble gum and bubble bath sassy

  9. 1- 10th, 30th, 60th, 80th, 85th, 90th, 95th and 100th-wow
    2- 44th
    3- 3rd modern, 15th traditional
    4- Pearl is the 3rd,12th,30th,80th
    phew I hope I got them all right :) can't wait for the hop tomorrow!
    oh and the images...
    bubble gum sassy, and bubble bath sassy

  10. Bubble Gum Sassy
    Bubble Bath Sassy

    1. 9 - 10th, 30th, 60th, 80th, 85th, 90th, 95th & 100th Anniversaries
    2. 44th Anniversary
    3. 3rd & 15th Anniversaries
    4. 3rd, 12th, 30th, & 80th Anniversaries