Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No more Freebie Fridays

Dear Fans and Friends,

 Today I am writing to address a serious topic. Over the years we have come across different situations of our digi's being given away to other people.  This of course completely violates our angel policy and copyrights to our images, which means it is illegal. I do try to be fair and I do try to resolve these issues to the best of my ability but these days it gets harder and harder to be able to keep control of this with so many public forums becoming so popular. For example, Pinterest.  I have thought long and hard about these problems and It's been very hard for me to come to a decision on what to do as I am one that tried very hard not to punish the masses for actions of the few but it has really effected SSD and its business. I don't want to stop doing digi's all together as I personally love digi's, and I was one of the first digi stamp artists out there before the idea caught like wildfire, and that is what I want to hold true to because I do believe in it. But to offer digital products it takes trust i entrust to you my fans and friends who purchase the images to do right by them and by me and by the copyrights attached to the images. To use them for personal use only and not share them as our policies state. So the decision I have come to, for the present time at least, IS that I will still offer digital stamps, but I will start banning the IP addresses of any parties that I find out have been sharing my images. My store allows me to do this and you will no longer be allowed to purchase any of our products ever again in the future. I will also be discontinuing FFF our Fabulous Freebie Fridays over at Papercraft planet, as these seem to be the ones with the most issues we have found. I don't know if it is because they are mostly discontinued images that people think the same policies no longer apply, or if it is because they are the most desired because they cant get them anymore in the store, or if it is because they were only offered for the specified date and some people didn't feel that was long enough, whatever the case may be I do have to put an end to this at this time. I will still offer occasional freebies either through the blog, facebook or paper craft planet. and our angel policies and copyrights will still apply at those times as well but they will be fewer and further between than every week as we have been doing.
So I ask you my friends and fans please do the right thing do not share any of your digi's that you have either purchased or given, they are for you and your own personal use only. If we all stay on the same page then maybe I can change things back later in the future. or if things continue then we will have to discontinue all digitals and move to other means. I hope you can understand that I do not mean to punish those who have not participated in these acts but i have to protect my art and protect my store and protect my copyright.

Owner and Artist of Sassy Studio Designs


  1. I think you will have support from everyone honest. The disregard for these important issues is shocking and if you have found an effective way to stop this then it may well be adopted by others. Good luck Vee xx

  2. I am so sorry that this has happened. I hope you don't have to discontinue digi stamps as I love your digis. I have hundreds of rubber stamps but I am finding the digies easier to use now with my bad hands.
    I am not on Pinterest so haven't seen them but I saw a message on Facebook that someone had put some of Tiddly Inks images onto Pinterest and removed the watermark. It was someone who had never bought any. I think that it is dreadful people being so dishonest. Most of the crafters I know are very honest. I hope that this can be stopped.
    Best wishes

  3. By the way I have had to put comment moderation on my blog as I kept getting spam messages. This is so annoying.

  4. Ooh i totally understand and have received quite allot from yourself in Friday freebie and challenges you have sponsored so i thank you for that.must say i didn't always post on pcp but did enjoy reading and viewing the wonderful posts of your fans.

  5. I can't believe that people share digis - it's just stealing although perhaps it doesn't feel like that to them.

    I completely understand where you are coming from and I hope those who have been sharing will realise what they are doing is wrong and will stop doing it so it doesn't spoil it for the rest of us.

    Mary x

  6. So sorry to hear this, Lindsay. But I totally understand.

  7. Lindsay,
    I'm so sad to hear that this is happening to you and your wonderful digis. Although I do not have a store, I do post my creations on my blog and I had found out that someone was selling my card as their own! I also found someone giving away one of my card fronts as a free wallpaper. GRRRR!!! I was so mad! Obviously it didn't affect my earnings (since I don't sell my stuff) but the fact that people do this is outrageous! I completely understand your position on this and I truly hope that you find a way to get around these people and have your digis for your friends and fans who appreciate you and your work. It would really be sad if you had to shut down completely and stop making new digis. I would just cry!

    Good luck!

    Heather D.

  8. Just want to say thank you for always being so generous with your digis. Your generosity is appreciated and I respect your business acumen...Always a customer and a fan.

    1. Lindsay,
      This is sad, but understandable. I just found your site recently and only got 2 of your free Friday digis at PCP before that ended. After finding SSD I purchased more to add to my collection. Your images are the best and I love coloring and creating with them. I'd hate to see the digis not be available anymore.

  9. This is so sad to hear but totally get your reasons. You are one of the most generous artist in sharing your works through freebies and challenges and I want to thank you for all the images I have of SSD. Your images are my favorites because of the very good printing quality and suitable for different occasions/all occasions cardmaking for girlfriends and relatives.

  10. Just want to thank you for the many freebies I obtained from your giveaways, a shame some people have to wreck things. Sincerely hope you do not give up creating/selling your digs but can understand if cannot find it feasible to do so! Love your work!

  11. Love your digi's and free or not I will always be a fan! You have helped me out when I was a first timer at running a design team and I am very appreciative of you and your digi's and I want to thank you as well for all you have offered! :D

  12. I agree totally with your comments & reasoning but am sad about the entire situation too! Your creations are fabulous and I hope you are able to continue creating these lovely images. How sad that some people have to ruin it for everyone else! I will continue to be in support of you and your hard work on these amazing images! Wishing you all the BEST!!

  13. You have to know that the masses are behind you in this matter and the decisions you have had to make. Shame a few spoil it for others. I love your artwork. Maybe by reading your post some with discontinue their bad habits. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with us we all love your images. :-)



  14. Thank you for all the freebies you have given us in the past, your digis are awesome!Hope things workout, sorry you had to go through this.

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
    Monica L.