Saturday, August 25, 2012

Villainy Villains New Release Blog Hop

This is the second new release of the month and really hope you love it as much as we all have on the design team!

I hope you loved your 3 days of teasers that we have been showing to get your geared up to venture on over here for the blog hop to see everyone's final versions.

I want to first post the winners that guessed correctly and have won those digi stamps.
Day 1: Lady Tremaine and Malificent: - Katya
Day 2: The Queen and Ursula - Heidi Brawley
Day 3: Cruella and The Queen of Hearts - Marimer

Please email us so that we can send your prize at .

Now onto the good stuff, there are quite a few ways you can win digi stamps during this release so pay attention as it is all worth it!

Chance #1
Trivia/Scavenger Hunt Questions
Store link for this: Sassy Studio Designs Store

Questions 1-6: Name the character's digi name that goes with the villains and the movie. If the answer is none for character then just put none. We are looking for the exact digi name for example Sassy Susan.
1. Lady Tremaine
2. Malificent
3. The Evil Queen
4. Ursula
5. Cruella de Ville
6. Queen of Hearts
7. Name the Disney movie whose cover was pulled from shelves and replaced with a new one because it was believed to have a "not so nice" hidden object in it.
8. Send us a link or picture of the original movie cover.
9. Name another Disney movie that has a hidden picture in the movie itself.
10. What is the hidden picture a picture of?

3 Winners will be drawn from this. You have until midnight PST tonight to send in your answers by email.
1st Place - 3 digi stamps
2nd Place - 2 digi stamps
3rd Place - 1 digi stamp

Chance #2
Comment on this post and tell us what your all time favorite Disney movie is.
Prize - 2 digi stamps

Chance #3
There are 6 random design team members that if you happen to post a comment on their blog you will win the digi they are showcasing. That ends up being one person for each digi stamp in the release.

Last but not least Chance #4
At the Very Bottom of the Post with the tool to link up with!
Directions and information down there!

Here is the blog hop line-up:
Jenn (GDT)

Now onto Ruza!

P.S. We will be chatting tonight on the party blog at 7pm PST.
I have heard there may be a special "surprise" digi for those that come chat. ::wink,wink::

Link Up Directions:
Make a Disney card using a Disney stamp and link it to this post. You can only enter once and it can't be a project that has already been done prior to this challenge.

If you use a Sassy Studio Designs Digi you get an extra entry.
If you use a Sassy Studio Designs Villain Digi you get two extra entries.

The first place winner will receive the whole release and if you happen to use one of the villain stamps on this then we will work it out where you can get another Disney one in its place so you still get 6.
The second place winner will receive 3 digi stamps.

You have until Thursday, August 30th at midnight to enter and we will announce the winner Friday afternoon!


  1. My all time favorite disney movie is Bambi, because that's the 1st movie I saw with my parents in the cinema in 1975.


  2. Humm... My favorite Disney movie is Tangled, I love the voices of the actors and the lines are just wonderful. Though if we are going for a child hood favorite I would say that Beauty and the Beast was my favorite.
    Lovely blog hop, all the DT girls did a wonderful job and I enjoyed seeing each image with a different twist!

  3. I think if going for my childhood favorite Disney movie it would have to be "That Darn Cat". It is probably one of the first Disney movies I ever saw & I still love it to this day.

  4. love the idea of the villian collection! Sleeping Beauty is not only my fave Disney movie, but also tops the list of one of my all time fave movies EVER! and boy howdy, does it ever have a creepy scary villianess in it! she is one of the scariest Disney ever came up with.

    have a great weekend!

  5. Loved the blog hop. The girls did a fantastic job. The last one wasn't up yet. I'm off to finish the scavenger hunt. Such fun. :)

  6. I'm loving this new line. Awesome creations.

  7. Creo que la que mas me gusta y a mis niñas tambien es El Rey León, aunque siempre les he contado cuentos de Disney, casi todos y tambien los han visionado por TV.
    Gran Blog Hop.

    Alguna cuestion no la haré, porque ademas no la traduzco para entenderla perfectamente.
    Enhorabuena a todas las amigas del Blog Hop que han hecho unos preciosos trabajos.

  8. Just got done with the hop ladies! Awesome work!

  9. This is so much fun!!! My favorite disney movie is The little mermaid

  10. I love Disney! I used to collect Disney snowglobes...until I ran out of places to display them! If I had to pick one movie as my favorite, it would have to be Beauty and the Beast!

  11. I am such a HUGE Disney fan.. I love their movies.. Its hard to pick just one!!! And I think my favorite changes all the time!! LOL Hmmm.. Maybe Toy Story.. Love that story :)

  12. Hocus Pocus is my favorite Disney movie - my favorite animated Disney movie would have to be The Lion King. :) You guys did a great job with this and the new images are just adorable! :)

  13. Loved the hop. Great to see al those gorgeous projects. Well done ladies!


  14. Fabulous hop. You ladies did a fabulous job. Hugs, Robin

  15. Had fun scavenging for answers (heehee) My childhood favorites were The Little Mermaid and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Love all of the digis you've created.

    -Katya Bess

  16. Wow fabulous new images! My favourite Disney film was The Little Mermaid, mainly because I loved swimming! Hugs, Ang x

  17. I love the new images. I would say my all time favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland.

  18. Que lastima la diferencia horaria no me va a permitir entrar en el chat, aunque poco podria aportar, como siempre el idioma es mi handicap.
    Que lo paseis super bien, yo ya lo he pasado super bien visitando a todas las amigas y viendo sus fabulosas tarjetas del Blog Hop, todas sois unas artistas.

  19. My favorite Disney movie is Snow White I always dressed up as her for Halloween as a kid and the 7 dwarfs they are so cute I love dopey

  20. Another great blog hop! I do believe that Sassy Studio Designs puts on the best blog hops around! Love the themes, cards, projects, finding out something about everyone and these images are just to die for! Thanks for the great afternoon!

    My favorite Disney movie - well, I've got to go with Peter Pan! Love the drama, the idea of never growing up, piratess, Indians, the sea, fights, and most of all, my fav Tinkerbell!

    Thanks again and I hope to talk with everyone tonight.

  21. Thanks for the great hop, ladies! I love everyone's all did an incredible job! Fabulous images, Lindsay!

  22. My favorite disney movie is probably cinderella..although I love all the old classics...sleeping beauty, snow white, hard to pic a fav.

  23. Great new images! My favorite Disney movie is Lady & the Tramp

  24. my favorite disney movie is little mermaid.

  25. I forgot to tell you my fave Disney movie. It is Anastasia. I just love the music and the love story. Too bad it isn't what really happened. The Disney version is so much better than life. Hugs, Robin

  26. Hi!
    Super Great blog hop. Lot of creative and inspirations works.
    Well, is very hard to take a decision what is my fav Disney movie because I love all characters, lol!
    But thinking in all princess I love Cinderella movie.

  27. Beautiful work ladies. And these Villanous Honey's are fantastic. My fave Disney movie is Cinderella.

  28. My all time favorite Disney Movie is: "Lion King" I have it on VHS and DVD. Smooches...

  29. Wow that was an Awesome inspirational blog hop. What a great reminder of some of the evil characters. The coloring was Beautiful from everyone. Smooches...