Saturday, February 12, 2011

Release Day today!

It's Cinema Saturday at SSD!
We're introducing our newest movie characters to the bunch!
And Lindsay has done a great job once again! I keep saying, "oh this one is my favorite"...then the next month comes out..."oh, THIS one is my favorite!"....and so on! She's done such a superb job with all the work that's involved! Thanks Lindsay!

So today is a little different you don't just hop in order it's a little trivia game you start with a movie trivia question and you select the answer the answer will take you to a DT members blog where you will find the next movie trivia question and you select your next answer and so on and so forth until you reach the city of oz (the end)

So Follow the Yellow Brick Road and begin today's adventure
Here is your question to get you to the next blog:

This pretty witch was the one who helped Dorothy get home

Here's the Answer List:

The Tin Man (doesn't have a Blog the creation and question are below for this stop)

So collect all the answers from the blogs and have them into me by Sunday 6PM PST. (9pm EST). Email your answers to tandjstudios at gmail dot com.

Here is Debbie, our guest designer's creation!

Next stop: "The Rain in Spain Lays Mainly on the Plain"

Thanks Debbie! I love it!


  1. Great blog-hop! (A little snag here and there, but who cares?!)
    This new release is amazing, I'm totally in love with the new images!

  2. I just hoped and all the creations are amazing! such great images!!

  3. Love the new release thank you for the hop!

    clworkman4 at gmail dot com

  4. The new releases are awesome, thank you for sharing them with us> the DT creations are wonderful, they really did a good job!

  5. I'm done. I hoped. It was like always great fun!!

    Hugs Kiksi

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