Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Challenge and Freebies!

ow night turned into morning so quickly!

So we have been discussing and planning on this challenge for a LONG time but have not had the opportunity to do it just yet.

We are going to do a Design your own Sassy contest!!!
We have our wonderful release parties each month where I get so many wonderful ideas from all of you and I try to do them when I can but now I want to give you the chance to Design a Sassy this will be a 2 week long challenge you can enter as many ideas as you have the key though is you have to draw them out. Now I know not everyone can draw and that is fine you can trace parts of other sassies maybe just change their outfit for a certain theme etc or even if it doesn't look like a sassy but we have an idea what she looks like would be fine too.
the deadline will be midnight PST Sunday Jan 16 all you have to do is draw out your own idea for a sassy and link an image below prior to the deadline this is open to everyone even design team members

I will guarantee 3 prizes
1st place will get 5 SSD images of their choice
2nd Place will get 3 images of their choice
and 3rd place will get 2 images of their choice

however if any other ideas are used I will of course reward you with images too!
Now what will probably happen depending on how many really stand out I will select finalists and we will have votes on them to see what you all want lined up as your next sassy.
I will of course re-stylize them to to look like sassies which is why its ok if you don't draw well I will re work them and they will be released in Feb or march.... If your image is one of the ones selected you will also of course receive your winning design free as well on top of your regular prize....SO I cant wait to see all those ideas I know are out there so get to designing!!!

Now onto the Freebies!
So as my Christmas and New Years gift to all of you I have 3 images for you.
Be sure to double click to get full resolution copy prior to saving to your computer.
These images will stay up only for one week so get them while you can!


  1. Wow, thanks so much for the digis! Your challenge is really different this time around and I hope to give it a try...
    Joyce xx

  2. Thanks for the freebies. This is a different way to make challenge LOL. Hugs, Zulma.

  3. This is a GREAT challenge! Looking forward to everyone's submissions! :D

  4. happy new year sweeties
    what a super images
    thank you so much hunni
    i don't have anytime at the moment because we are working in our new home, but when it's finisch i'll be unstoppeble to crafting, LOL
    hugs angelique

  5. What a fun challenge. Will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with for ideas. Thanks for the freebies.
    Happy New Year

  6. Thank you so much . . will have to play later.

  7. Thank you so much for these darling freebies! Happy New Year to you all.

  8. Thank you for the fabulous freebies! I didn't have any of them so this was a major score for me! :) Sadly, my drawing abilities did not progress past stick figures so I will sit this challenge out. ;) I look forward to seeing what others submit, though!

  9. THANK YOU for the freebies and the AWESOME Challenge, this is going to be so neat to see and watch what happens. Now I am off to put my thinking cap on and try to think of something for this challenge!!! Sooooo cool, thank you!!!

  10. WOW! Thank you for the great images. Much appreciated.

  11. What a treat! Thanks so much!!

  12. FANTASTIC images, thank you SO much!

    Judi x

  13. Fantastic images! Thank you so much!

  14. These are awesome, really love them, thank you.