Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Just a reminder today is the LAST day to buy any of those images on the discontinued list on the store and it is a big list... now I said until midnight tonight, and I just want to explain that is the only guaranteed time, since I have to remove it all manually it will take me some time and chances are at midnight I will be sleeping so when I get up in the am is when I will be removing images so if you still see them up after the deadline that is why, and you can still purchase while they are still up, but I am letting you know that there is no guarantee they will be there after midnight PST (California time) Email me if you have any problems as I mentioned before that Blogger has decided to hide some of the images but they are all there you just have to look a little deeper but if you have troubles I will happily email you links or answers to any questions

PS don't forget to check back tonight, when I get home from work I will be announcing the NEW DT!!!

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